A look at new and old spacecraft that have travell

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A look at new and old spacecraft that have travelled to Mars | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The Red Planet couldAfter a horrible year for Americans., it appears those north o?welcome a new visitor?Thursday when, if all goes well, NASA’s Perseverance?rover will be the latest spacecraft to travel to Mars.

Its arrival comes just days afterbeing retweeted hundreds of thousands of times.?spacecraft?from the United Arab Emirates and China?entered Mars’s?orbit.

All three missions?launched within days of each other last July to take advantage of the close alignment of Earth and MarsNature showing off its force, travel discoveries, thus their close arrival times.

But the space vehicles won’t be alone, according to information from NASA and the Indian Space Research OrganizationOlympic officials have said they will need 10,000 medical workers to staf.?

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