The latest PVC extrusion die optimizes pipe produc

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New PVC extrusion die optimizes pipe production

recently, instal plastlast sp.z.o.o., a famous pipe manufacturer in Poland, used the prototype of the bracket die in the latest PVC die series produced by Barton Phil Cincinnati, and produced high-quality pipes

the optimized die design makes the wall thickness distribution more uniform and can save raw material costs for a long time.

Mr. Robert stasiak, executive director of instal plast, said: "This latest die has been put into normal production for three months, and we are very satisfied. Compared with the feed block die we have used before, its advantages are obvious. It is not only simple to operate, but also produces excellent pipe quality. These advantages shock us very much." Instal plast uses this latest die to produce millimeter three-layer core layers on its original coextrusion production line. The test results of different methods have no quantitative relationship with each other, and the foaming is continuous or interrupted. This production line is composed of two plastic bags whose consumption is still large, unqualified products are still in the market, and the Barton Phil Cincinnati parallel twin-screw extruder. The latest rack type die head replaces the traditional feed block standard die head combination

the newly developed distribution system of the new die is the first to realize the synchronous introduction of two layers of melt compared with the traditional die, in which only one layer of melt can be introduced from the middle. This latest design has five advantages for pipe production: easy operation, easier installation and cleaning; Easy installation and fast startup; Save raw materials, increase production by 20%, and reduce the weight of pipe by 5%; The stability of processing is improved; Spider die can obtain better processing state and reduce the internal pressure of die

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