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From food packaging to agricultural film, film materials have made the latest progress

ExxonMobil launched iquid at the K 2016 exhibition ™ XP is a brand-new brand, which further expands its product series beyond gimmicks. These new brands are applicable to shrink flexible packaging, food composite packaging and greenhouse film, providing significant performance advantages for resin processors and end users

iquid XP 6026 and iquid XP 6056 have excellent processing properties, which can provide stronger toughness, rubbing resistance, heat sealing performance, balanced shrinkage and good optical properties. For processors, the high melt strength of these polymers can achieve higher foam stability and improve production, so the following films can be produced economically and efficiently:

food packaging films (including the packaging bags recommended in the German national standard din16901 in general size): they have excellent toughness and heat sealing performance, and protect frozen or dry food, meat and cheese products from production to consumption, Prevent product leakage and pollution. The melt strength and toughness of eged XP can reduce the film thickness while maintaining high performance. Processors can take advantage of the extraordinary performance and processing performance of iqid XP brand to simplify product inventory and reduce costs

shrink flexible packaging film: with controllable clamping force and toughness, it can be used for high integrity packaging, outer packaging and bundling packaging solutions. From production to terminal, the universal tensile testing machine has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed regulation range, long service life and so on; The auto parts testing machine adopts microcomputer to automatically control the experimental process, and protects the easily damaged and irregularly shaped products in the whole process: food includes pizza, meat, cheese, etc; Easily damaged products include toilet paper and kitchen paper; Products with irregular shapes include office supplies, stationery and air filters

greenhouse film and large arched greenhouse film: with good toughness and strength, it can help farmers protect the growth of fruits, vegetables and flowers all year round and increase their income. Processors can easily manufacture films with a thickness of 80~220 μ m and a width of 20m by using iquid XP. They can withstand high-strength installation and various environmental conditions, including long-term severe weather. Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and non EVA film formulations can be easily customized according to seasonal requirements, special applications and climatic conditions

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