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ZOJE Industrial Park: ensure the "safety" of resumption of production

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self produced and self sold Jinjie helps resume production

preparations for the production of masks began on February 4, and they were put into production on February 28. A battle without smoke of gunpowder began quietly in Hebei Jinjie Health Technology Co., Ltd. located in the ZOJE Industrial Park in Bohai new area

after the outbreak of the COVID-19, masks have become urgently needed materials. Hebei Jinjie Health Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly produces adult paper diapers, joined the anti epidemic team through "micro transformation" of equipment

from a daily production of several thousand pieces to 20000 pieces, while improving production efficiency through technological transformation, Jinjie contributes its own strength to the epidemic prevention work in the park through a 24-hour non-stop production mode. Zhang Jie, general manager, said, "our masks are directly connected with enterprises in the park without middlemen, so as to ensure that enterprises use affordable masks when resuming work and production."

the successful completion of the "micro transformation" benefited from the strong technical strength of Jin Jie, and also inseparable from the strong support of the management committee

after the COVID-19, production was limited due to the tight supply of upstream raw materials. Problems such as shortage of workers, poor logistics, supply of raw materials, shortage of working capital and other aspects have come one after another, and Jin Jie and the management committee are still facing difficulties

the Management Committee of the Party Working Committee of Cangzhou Bohai New Area formulated "one enterprise one policy" for the reconstruction and production of Jinjie masks, and coordinated and solved various problems encountered in the process of returning to work and changing production at the first time

in the next week, Jinjie will launch two full-automatic production lines, and gradually improve the existing semi-automatic production line to full-automatic. After the equipment is in place, the daily output of masks will reach 300000 pieces. At the same time, Jin Jie is actively developing flat protective masks for primary school students to continue to work to support epidemic prevention and control

From the beginning of the new year, relevant experts, leaders and technicians in ZOJE Industrial Park in Bohai new area introduced the research and utilization of oilfield chemicals in China's drilling, fracturing, oil production, enhanced oil recovery, oil and gas treatment, water treatment and gathering and transportation fields. Chen Jianhua, chairman of Hebei Hyde plastic industry Co., Ltd. in the area, really felt the meaning of "race against time", "I have been living in the factory since the 29th day of (December) when the epidemic broke out. As an enterprise that can help fight the epidemic, we are duty bound."

originally, Hebei Haide Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of polymer films. Its main product PE breathable composite film is one of the external raw materials for making medical protective clothing. The outbreak of the epidemic makes everything urgent. On the first day of the lunar new year, the top management of Hyde held an emergency resumption meeting. More than 80 employees of the company began to return to the team one after another to prepare for resumption of work and production, and officially resumed work on the fourth day of the first month

Hyde plastics also faces great difficulties in resuming production in advance. The shortage of raw materials and the shortage of skilled workers in the short term were exposed one by one. The person in charge of the enterprise had to contact old customers urgently to purchase raw materials while mobilizing skilled workers for production. Everyone worked hard to win the war against the epidemic. "The workers who can be on duty are particularly cooperative and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Everyone feels honored." Chen Jianhua said proudly that the original state can still be restored from the sample

at the same time, the Management Committee of Zoje high tech Zone implemented "one-to-one" package assistance for the difficulties faced by enterprises, coordinated the transportation department to distribute transportation "green passes" to Hyde company, and designated a staff member to stay in Hyde plastic industry for a long time to provide support to enterprises all day

medical supplies such as disinfectants, temperature measuring guns, protective clothing, etc. donated by relevant departments, as well as 20 single beds urgently recruited for employees, are also imported into the enterprise to install safety protection for production

with full power in the workshop, raw materials for making 450000 pieces of medical protective clothing were produced in only half a month. It is worth mentioning that Hyde has always adhered to its duty. At present, the above of PE breathable composite membrane is a relevant introduction to the use standards and experimental process of electronic universal testing machine. The market price is 40000/ton, and Hyde still carries out the price of 25000/ton

take a number of measures to grasp the "safety level" of resumption of production.

the most important thing for resumption of production is to control the safety level

in order to achieve the goal of "grasping with both hands, making no mistakes, and winning both battles" in epidemic prevention and control and economic development, ZOJE Safety Supervision Bureau has specially set three checkpoints around "safety", and the work can be resumed only after the "breakthrough" is successful

during the epidemic, students became the class army, and to resume production and work, enterprises must first pass the "class" as a whole. The course is rich in content and tailored by ZOJE Safety Supervision Bureau for enterprises, including "health protection manual for enterprise employees", "guidelines for safe production and risk prevention and control of enterprise resumption of work and production", "a letter to enterprises in the region", etc. through official account push, online video conference and other means, it carries out safety education and training for all employees of enterprises to highlight the knowledge related to epidemic prevention and control and safe production. After study, take the examination as the assessment standard, and those who fail will naturally "pass the test" and fail

after the theoretical preparation for resumption of work, we have to pass the "thought level" of resumption of work. Employees have long holidays and their status is difficult to adjust; Employees work long shifts and are physically tired; Enterprises are hard to recruit, understaffed and eager to produce; In the face of many potential safety hazards, ZOJE Safety Supervision Bureau carried out a "comprehensive physical examination" of enterprises in the park to help those returning to work overcome the "ideological" barrier. "Physical examination" involves many projects, such as strengthening daily supervision and guidance services, carrying out joint supervision, going deep into the front-line secret investigation and secret visit, and "looking back" on the enterprises that have resumed work, so that enterprises can feel at ease and at ease when they resume work

"break" through the first two levels, as well as the last level of the commencement acceptance test. Therefore, ZOJE Safety Supervision Bureau requires enterprises to formulate a plan for resumption of work and production before resumption of work and production, and carefully investigate and treat all kinds of potential safety hazards. In addition, enterprises also need to establish and improve accident emergency plans to enhance their confidence in the face of emergencies

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