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Zijin bridge has launched a new activity: show my automation engineering

steadfast research and development of products, and truly giving back to users is Zijin bridge's service tenet. According to the warm response of new and old users to the theme activity of drying my automation scheme held by our company before, in order to thank the new and old users for their trust and support of Zijinqiao, and to give Zijinqiao users a better creative space, we now solemnly launch XiuXiu my automation project theme activity to solicit all kinds of original works from Zijinqiao users. Not limited to industries, automatic process control, management monitoring, on-site monitoring, enterprise management/resource planning and other systems in petroleum, chemical industry, steel, hydropower, machinery, pharmacy, papermaking, mining, environmental protection, intelligent building, warehousing, logistics, water conservancy and other industries

[instructions for activities]

the configuration of Jinan universal testing machine is also changing

1) the work is sent to the company's email: dqzijinqiao_ xs@。 Subject: Name + title of work (e.g. Zhang San's "power monitoring system"); Text: no more than 200 words (can be written or not); Attachment: compressed. The compressed file name is name + work title

2) we will select according to the creativity and rationality of the project

3) the winners will be announced through our website within one week of the closing of the event

4) please provide your real name, company name, number, contact address (Chinese Mainland only), email address, etc. when uploading your work. If the prize cannot be delivered due to false information, it will not be sent again

5) the personal information of the winners is only for this event. The organizer will not disclose the information of the winners to third parties or use it for other business users at will

6) our company has the right to publicize all entries. If confidentiality is involved, please explain in advance

7) awards can be awarded only if they all meet the company's [engineering requirements], including [portal structures and awards that participate in the corresponding single arm structures]

8) the organizer reserves the final right to interpret matters related to this event

[activity time] December 1st, 2014 January 31st, 2014

[engineering requirements]

1) the entries must be original, authentic, functionally complete, beautiful and demonstrable. Works must be made with our company's software. You can download the software free of charge at our company's website

2) the title of the work is [show my automation project] + self-made Title

3) the theme is clear. The theme should be clear, which can clearly reflect the category and applicable place of the project

4) comprehensive functions. The function interface is rich and close to the selected theme. The function interface must include: [process flow chart] [real-time data display] [historical report] [trend curve display] [alarm statistics]. Other extended functions can be designed by ourselves, and the project must be able to demonstrate operation

5) beautiful picture. While realizing the function, the interface should be friendly

6) documentation. The project should have corresponding documents. Both parties should continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation within the international organizations and frameworks such as the United Nations, the Asia Europe meeting, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the CICA. The documents should specify that the oil pressure in the force measuring piston of the experimental machine and the force generated by the pendulum are balanced with each other, and explain the instructions for the use of each function (preferably in the form of pictures and texts) and the version of Zijinqiao software used. The software version should be specific to date, As shown in the figure below:

[award setting]

first prize 1: 1000 yuan

second prize 2: 800 yuan

third prize 3: 500 yuan

participation awards several: 100 yuan

welcome to pay attention to the official platform of Zijinqiao to receive soft authorization for free

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