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It can achieve precise control of production. Znv ZTE Levi strongly released "Levi cloud"

on May 9, znv ZTE Levi 2017 Levi new product Wanlixing Shandong station was grandly held at Sheraton Jinan hotel. The theme of the conference was Levi cloud: for efficient operation, Leviathan officially launched Leviathan cloud service new products for the global market, which is a revolutionary step taken by znv ZTE Leviathan in the cloud service market

the launch ceremony of Leviathan cloud service was officially launched

with the rapid development of the era of IOT and the increasingly mature social ecosystem, sharing economy has become an important trend of social development, from Didi's sharing platform to mobike bike sharing and leasing. Based on the sharing concept, through the use of the latest IOT, big data, cloud computing, sharing and other technologies, combined with ZTE Levi's 22 years of rich experience and technology accumulation in the field of power environment and video monitoring, as well as its huge engineering maintenance human resources advantages, it has recently launched a one-stop intelligent operation and maintenance hosting platform Levi cloud service. Liwei cloud aims to provide customers with low-cost and high-quality operation services by providing one-stop comprehensive services such as mobile monitoring, intelligent watch and offline maintenance

a typical application of on-site customers and solution technicians in the exchange of

Levi cloud services is small and medium-sized computer rooms. After long-term contact with customers and continuous practice, ZTE Liwei has classified and summarized three pain points of current operation and maintenance management of small and medium-sized computer rooms: first, large one-time investment, which requires software and hardware as well as continuous human investment; Second, the operation and maintenance process is opaque, which makes it difficult to control the operation and maintenance process and evaluate the operation and maintenance quality; Third, operation and maintenance involves many majors, so it is difficult for individuals to have all the operation and maintenance knowledge and skills, and it is difficult to cultivate human resources. In this context, znv ZTE Levi one-stop intelligent operation and maintenance hosting platform came into being. Levi cloud mainly provides customers with one-stop remote operation and maintenance hosting services through the dynamic environment monitoring and video monitoring technology of IOT, operation support platform (OSS) and mobile scheduling system. Compared with the traditional cloud operation and maintenance needs to invest a lot of human and material resources, as well as the shortcomings of low efficiency, poor real-time performance and high communication cost, ZTE Levi cloud service provides users with worry saving, money saving and labor-saving solutions, fundamentally changing the traditional high-cost operation and maintenance service model. In fact, Liwei cloud, a shared IOT platform and economic model, can be widely used in other industries. So far, it has been successively applied to industries with decentralized groups and needs of unified monitoring, such as machine room base stations, cold chain cold storage, chain stores, advertising media, electromechanical equipment, etc

Zeng Tao, vice president of znv ZTE Levi, delivered a speech

at the press conference, talking about the original intention of launching Levi cloud service, Zeng Tao, vice president of znv ZTE Levi, said: Levi has done a lot of exploration in the process of brewing the launch of Levi cloud service. Troubleshooting: tighten the real fixing screw behind the oil pump with a wrench. Levi hopes that the launch of Levi cloud service can solve the pain points of users. Compared with the cloud operation and maintenance services in the current market, the application of Levi cloud services mainly has four advantages: first, the industry-leading operation and maintenance system, 24-hour call center, remote monitoring system, mobile scheduling system and professional equipment system, which can provide customers with active online and offline operation and maintenance services; The second is the ability of in-depth data analysis and early warning. Using big data analysis technology, IOT technology, cloud computing technology and mobile platform technology, we can effectively realize alarm, alarm and eliminate hidden trouble; At the same time, it has a wider range of scene adaptability. Whether it is the application needs of decentralized small and medium-sized scene monitoring, dynamic video integrated display or mobile Internet, the Levi cloud service system can meet; Finally, we have professional operation and maintenance personnel covering the world. After the leaders of the two countries can resonate, the 1000 + operation and maintenance team that strengthens the training and strict assessment of the development industry in this field covers the world, and is still growing

specifically, Levi cloud service adopts advanced cloud management technology, IOT collection, embedded application and other technologies to realize intelligent and networking management of core devices, as well as active service, rapid deployment and cloud sharing. It has IOT system architecture and hardware equipment, deep application and big data machine learning technology, has an industry-leading sharing level service platform, and truly achieves cloud computing and ability openness

in the new technology sharing of Dr. Cao Yousheng, CTO of znv ZTE Levi, Cao Yousheng, CTO of znv ZTE Levi explained that Levi cloud is an operation and maintenance platform based on IOT, big data, cloud computing and sharing. The application of IOT technology mainly refers to that when the end devices of Internet are intelligentized, the whole framework of cloud operation and maintenance has been ioted, and the data generated by cloud operation and maintenance after IOT will grow exponentially every day; The application of big data technology mainly refers to that the data of IOT has become the main part of Moore's law of data growth. It is an inevitable trend to build the cloud operation and maintenance platform on the big data platform. This can solve the problems of large amount, high speed, diversity, value and authenticity of cloud operation and maintenance platform data; Cloud computing technology application refers to the smart IOT platform built on the public cloud and integrating force dimension data collection, comprehensive management, information sharing, big data and machine learning technology, which centralizes data and even applications to the cloud, that is, the server of the data center; Finally, sharing technology is the essence of cloud operation and maintenance. In addition to effectively reducing operation and maintenance costs and rapid deployment, information sharing and cloud computing sharing create conditions for data multidimensional analysis and data collision, and machine learning and deep learning become feasible and valuable

in fact, as early as 2016, Liwei established a cloud operation and maintenance operation center, which integrates 400 customer service centers and 7*24-hour remote duty centers to provide users with a variety of peripheral services (including fault reporting, business consulting, a sharp decline of 33.4% year-on-year, service complaints, etc.) and 7*24-hour intimate professional duty services. In addition, the centralized service resource scheduling system effectively supports the offline operation and maintenance service system, realizes operation and maintenance work order management, operation and maintenance team management, and realizes intelligent maintenance. Through the operation and maintenance system platform, the daily attendance, real-time positioning and behavior track management of everyone are realized, and the centralized acceptance and unified scheduling of fault cloud are realized. At the same time, Liwei cloud service is based on mobile app application services, providing different services for different enterprises, such as intelligent watch, emergency plans, big data analysis applications and so on. Moreover, it can provide customized services according to the special needs of the industry, and provide users with decision-making suggestions and basis by using big data analysis technology and rich data reports

in the early days of the establishment of the cloud operation and maintenance center, in addition to transforming the original customers accumulated by the company in the telecommunications, government, rail transit and other industries, such as China Tower, the three major operators and so on, the contracted users are mainly government functional departments, such as public security and courts. China Guodian, Qingdao public security bureau, Binzhou court, Shanghe people's court, Ezhou Public Security Bureau, Xiaogan Public Security Bureau, Hanyang public security and more than 1000 government functional departments have signed contracts to become liweiyun's cooperative customers. Later, with the growth of brand awareness, more and more chain brand enterprise users began to use cloud operation and maintenance services. Well known advertising media companies, brand chain supermarkets, four-star hotels, liquor industry joint-stock companies and so on have gradually become loyal users of liweiyun platform. At present, the number of service sites has exceeded 400000. In the near future, znv ZTE Levi is looking forward to working with our partners to create more efficient operation and maintenance services for users

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