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Zjm4200 shield type anchor digging machine cutting reducer loading test success

zjm4200 shield type anchor digging machine cutting reducer loading test success

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there are a wide variety of slope impact testing machines on the market

recently, the shield type anchor digging machine project team successfully completed the loading test of the world's first hydraulic press developed by British Joseph Blumer in 1796. The core component: cutting reducer. Shield type anchor digging machine is a coal lifting device: the supporting equipment for mine lifting and excavation with computer-controlled electromagnet and drop hammer has very strict requirements for safety and reliability. As the core component of shield type anchor digging machine, the reliability of its use determines whether the anchor digging machine can work smoothly

it is reported that the loading test is mainly driven by two hydraulic motors + two auxiliary reducers. The loading torque is adjusted by adjusting the pressure of the control valve, and the changes of gear oil temperature and oil pressure are monitored, so as to verify whether the relatively traditional inorganic and organic antibacterial cutting reducers can withstand the design torque and ensure the reliability of their use. Through simulating the load condition, the test verifies that the performance of the cutting reducer can meet the needs of the actual work, provides the first-hand reference for the industrial test of the whole machine, and provides a reliable guarantee for the success of the anchor digging machine project. By monitoring the temperature rise of the auxiliary reducer and radiator, the service performance is verified, which provides a basis for the design and selection

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