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Zijinqiao software successfully entered "Lubrizol currently has laboratories and factories in Songjiang, Shanghai, Democratic Republic of the Congo

in August 2007, Zijinqiao Software Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CNR group, and the two sides became partners. Zijinqiao software will continue to provide software and technical support for the platform construction of its intelligent locomotive. In October 2007, the intelligent locomotive based on Zijinqiao software platform successfully entered the Democratic Republic of the Congo and passed the strong competition The international road of United Zijin bridge has taken a further step forward

CNR Erqi Locomotive Factory was founded in 1897, and was identified as China's 500 largest transportation equipment manufacturing enterprises by the National Bureau of statistics in 1993. China's first diesel locomotive (electric drive, construction type, 600 HP) was trial produced in 1958. Beijing 5400 HP and 2700 HP high-power hydraulic drive diesel locomotives were trial produced in 1970 and 1971 respectively. So far, more than 2000 sets of this series of products have been distributed in more than 100 locomotive depots of all 18 railway bureaus and more than 120 off-road industrial and mining enterprises in China. Zijinqiao Software Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China National Petroleum Corporation, and its main business direction is to develop and promote the software products "Zijinqiao monitoring configuration software" and "Zijinqiao real-time database system" with the intellectual property rights of the independent company that has reached the annual production capacity of 100million ampere hours. Zijinqiao, as one of the first companies to develop domestic large-scale real-time database products, has been committed to becoming a world-famous automation software provider. Its products have been widely used in petrochemical, steel, medicine, water conservancy, coal and many other places related to international people's livelihood. The mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides will provide an environmental platform for the development of Zijinqiao in the field of locomotives, and will also improve the automation level of domestic locomotives

the successful entry of Zijinqiao software into Congo (Brazzaville) is an important step in the internationalization process of Zijinqiao software. Since then, more than five countries have applied Zijinqiao software in Africa. It is believed that while based on the domestic market, Zijinqiao software will also become an indispensable part of national elements in the International Automation field

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