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Zink raised $25million to invest in inkless printing technology

on September 25, Zink recently announced that it had received $25million in venture capital from Petters group worldwide. Zink plans to invest this fund in the production of its newly developed ink-free printer. A large part of it will be used to stockpile this paper raw material. The cost of paper required for this technology is about 20 cents per piece

Zink launched this product at the high-tech exhibition last January. The mystery of inkless printing technology lies in the paper used. When the heated print head contacts the special paper, the three crystal layers contained in the special paper will change color when heated. Cartridge free printing technology is still a leader in the printer production line gb/t 19536 (2) 004 plywood for container floor. The paper is smooth and the printing effect is vivid, which can be compared with Polaroid photos

this comparison is because the core technology of Zink is based on Polaroid, a famous film camera manufacturer. Zink company was originally acquired by Konica Minolta (Konica 2. do not use the pendulum and do not put it near Minolta), a backbone entrepreneur factory in North Carolina with a high level of local new materials. Now there are many old employees of polaroid and more than 60 employees of Kemei in the company

the biggest advantage of this printer is its small size and simple operation. The whole machine only needs heating elements to print pictures. This is the first financing obtained by Zink since its separation from Polaroid. According to China investment, last year, Zink negotiated with Polaris venture partners to raise $70million, but in the end, there was no result

Petters group worldwide is a private holding company that has established investment relationships with more than 60 companies worldwide. The company mainly focuses on a wide range of fields such as logistics/procurement, brand management, emerging technologies, media and marketing, aviation, real estate, etc. it can provide the company with financial services such as investment coordination services and leveraged financing. (Liu qinyi)

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