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The research and development of Zijinqiao monitoring configuration software began in 1993. Its development team has undertaken the national 95 key projects and two phases of national 863 projects. For more than ten years, software has been highly praised by users for its stability, reliability, convenience and powerful functions. It has been widely used in process control, management monitoring, on-site monitoring, remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, enterprise management, resource planning and other systems in many industries and fields, such as petrochemical, oil refining, automotive, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, building materials, light industry, papermaking, mining, environmental protection, electric power, transportation, intelligent buildings, warehousing, logistics, water conservancy and so on

in order to repay the great love of users for Zijinqiao software, Zijinqiao Shanghai Engineering Service Department will hold the introduction training of Zijinqiao monitoring configuration software. The training venue is room 1301, building 5, Wangzu City, Lane 251, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. We hope that users and software lovers can sign up in advance to avoid missing our training

training time: 13:30-17:30 every Friday afternoon

Object Oriented: for users who have certain basic computer operation ability and are not familiar with Zijinqiao software

Training Objective: participants can master Zijinqiao software infrastructure and basic operations, and can complete simple projects independently, Save the energy and time of self-study software

training location: Zijin Bridge Shanghai Engineering Service Department (room 1301, building 5, Wangzu City, Lane 251, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai)

training content:

1, Zijin bridge software introduction

2, software architecture and engineering entry analysis

3, use of Engineering Manager

3.1 establishment, search, deletion, backup, recovery of Engineering

3.2 enter configuration Enter run

4, screen operation and settings

4.1 new screen, attribute settings

4.2 startup screen and screen display

5, creation and use of basic graphic objects

5.1 creation of basic graphic objects such as rectangles, circles, lines

5.2 basic attributes of objects to sum up, settings

6 Animation connection

6.1 size rotation and movement

6.2 mouse related actions

6.3 color related actions

6.4 numerical input and output

7, device drive configuration

7.1 drive introduction

7.2 device creation, modification, deletion

7.3 i/o device definition parameters

8, database point configuration

8.1 database, area, unit Point concept

8.2 point creation and basic parameters

8.3 point alarm parameters

8.4 point data link

8.5 point historical configuration

9, variable introduction and use

9.1 variable classification and scope of action

9.2 variable creation and deletion

9.3 variable search

10 Introduction to script and use

10.1 introduction to script language

10.2 types and scope of action of script

10.3 syntax of script

11, arrangement tool

11.1 alignment tool

after forming a fixed quality powder, 11.2 size tools

11.3 position discharge

11.4 units and groups, lock

12 Use of alarm components

12.1 introduction to enhanced alarm components

12.2 create alarm components and attribute settings

12.3 query real-time alarms and historical alarms

13, overview components

13.1 introduction to overview components

13.2 create components, set parameters

13.3 how to use components

14, use of common windows controls

14.1 buttons

14.2 text box, drop-down box, list box

14.3 check box Radio button

14.4 start time, time range

14.5 bitmap control

15, introduction and use of sub image library

16, basic use of free report

17, basic use of general curve

registration method:

sample cutting Measurement and experiment should be carried out continuously

1. Fill in the registration form and fax it to Shanghai Engineering Service Department:

2. Call the contact person: Cheng Yan:


Zijinqiao Shanghai Engineering Service Department free entry training registration form download address: Zijinqiao Shanghai Engineering Service Department free entry training registration form compared with parts manufactured only using traditional incremental manufacturing technology doc

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