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Zijinqiao software company upgrades the natural gas production command and scheduling system

Daqing Oilfield natural gas company is mainly responsible for the oil and gas gathering and transportation and oil and gas preliminary processing tasks of the oilfield, and is the largest dissolved gas processing base in China

in 2007, Zijinqiao software company established a production command and scheduling system for Daqing Oilfield natural gas company domestically, which solved some problems that the superior leaders could not view the operation status of each device in real time and the post workers could not report data on time due to the relatively scattered production bases of natural gas, realized the real-time regulation of remote data information sharing and production management, and supported remote mobile office and remote inquiry, It was the largest SCADA system in the country at that time

it has been five years now. Compared with the original time, the current software has made considerable progress in material damage and failure principles and influencing factors, with more powerful functions and higher stability, reliability and safety of operation. In order to make the production command and scheduling system of the natural gas company better serve the production management, Zijinqiao company spent a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources on upgrading all the software and server hardware of the production command and scheduling system in Anyang and even all Henan in May this year. After the upgrading and transformation of the system, the data processing ability and sharing ability have been greatly improved, and the safety of data has been improved. The stability, reliability and speed of the system operation have been highly praised by users, which not only closely follow the imported technical specifications, but also bring tangible economic and social benefits to the enterprise

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