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Zijin Mining will make an inquiry today to pave the way for the return of red chips

Zijin Mining () announced its letter of intent for the A-share offering yesterday and began its preliminary inquiry today. Insiders pointed out that Zijin Mining issued A-shares at a low face value of 0.1 yuan, which has three main benefits: facilitating investors to participate in sharing the rapid growth of blue chip enterprises, clearing the obstacles for red chips to return to A-shares, and helping China's securities market to be in line with international standards

the issuance of shares with a face value of 0.1 yuan facilitates investors to participate in and share the benefits of the rapid growth of blue chip enterprises to a certain extent

Zijin mining was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003, with a par value of 0.1 yuan per share and a closing price of HK $7.17 on April 3, 2008. If a shares are issued in China at a par value of 1 yuan, according to the resolution of the general meeting of shareholders of the company, the issue price shall not be less than 90% of the average trading price of H shares in the 20 trading days before the official publication of the summary of the prospectus, nor less than 90% of the closing price of H shares in the previous trading day before the official publication of the summary of the prospectus to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, There may be a situation that the issue price is more than 60 yuan or even close to 100 yuan. During the "1025" period, a number of national technological invention first prize, scientific and technological progress first prize, natural science first prize and other awards were awarded to the technical achievements of the new material driven hydraulic cylinder field, while the secondary market trading price may be higher, the threshold for investors to enter is higher, reducing the liquidity of stocks. In addition, Zijin Mining's A-share par value of 0.1 yuan is also designed for the consideration of "the same share and the same par value" as Hong Kong shares

the same problem as Zijin Mining also appears desalination: research shows that in a number of red chip companies planning to return to a shares, Zijin Mining's innovative methods may clear the way for red chips to return to a shares. Take China Mobile as an example. If it returns to A-shares recently, it will issue new shares at a par value of 1 yuan, and the issue price will reach more than 1000 yuan. This also means that the subscription of 1000 shares requires up to one million yuan of funds. After listing, ordinary investors need hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy the shares. Such a high transaction price poses a great challenge to the current trading system. If the par value of each share is less than 1 yuan, these obstacles can be overcome. (dongwensheng)

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