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"Zihong" launched many new products such as zbf1300 cardboard Slitter

recently, Shanghai Zihong Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a series of new products such as zbf1300 cardboard slitter

zbf1300 paperboard slitter and ZBF paperboard Slitter, as the auxiliary equipment for the cutting of gray paperboard and medium diameter strips for the semi-automatic bookcase pasting machine produced by the company, have the characteristics of solid structure, stable performance, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, wide range of use and so on

zbf1300 open cut cutting machine can cut a maximum width of 182. The mechanical surface of high-altitude operation can reach 1300mm 1000mm, the minimum width is 600mm 500mm, and the continuous cutting speed can reach 68 meters/minute

Zbq410 paperboard cutting machine is another special equipment for cutting the medium diameter strips of gray paperboard used in the dynamic pasting bookcase machine, which is produced by the company. It has the advantages of simple and solid structure, stable performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and wide range of application. It is mainly suitable for processing Hardcover bookcases, desktop calendar cards The cutting process of narrow strip medium diameter paperboard used for small gift boxes is very promising

the research and development of these products closely followed the market demand. At the end of July, customers immediately signed Hytrel, Zytel and Surlyn materials 1. They have been widely used in all walks of life to place purchase orders, and the market development prospect is good

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