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Zijiang Enterprises: asset injection detonates the blowout of low-cost packaging giant

key investment points of Zijiang Enterprises: 1. Major shareholders promise to inject high-quality assets, especially the discount injection of high-quality real estate, with great value-added potential; 2. The performance of the company in the first quarter increased by 150% year-on-year, more than the performance of the whole year of last year, and the semi annual performance is worth looking forward to; 3. Zhuhai Zhongfu, a packaging giant snapped up by foreign investors at the price of 8.27 yuan. Zijiang enterprises are no inferior to Zhuhai Zhongfu in the packaging industry, and the share price of more than 8 yuan is significantly undervalued; 4. The rare 8-yuan low-cost blue chip varieties in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 constituent stocks form a perfect rising channel, and the quantity can cooperate to accelerate the breakthrough

the recent rebound in the market, blue chip stocks with excellent performance contributed the most. New funds rushed to grab blue chip chips, which not only pushed up the index by a large margin, but also made the market structural adjustment complete the transformation from theme stocks to blue chip stocks, making blue chip stocks the new darling of the market. Therefore, it is suggested that investors should pay attention to the profiteering opportunities of low-cost blue chip stocks, such as 600210 Zijiang enterprise, which is the most leading company in China's packaging industry. After injecting the real estate business, the major shareholder also promised to continue to inject high-quality assets into Zijiang enterprise. Foreign capital bought packaging giant Zhuhai Zhongfu at 8.27 yuan per share, while Zijiang enterprise is no less leading in the packaging industry than Zhuhai Zhongfu, but the current share price is only around 8 yuan, Compared with Zhuhai Zhongfu near 11 yuan, the aftermarket has great potential! The company's first quarter performance is close to the level of last year, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 150%. It has the theme of potential performance surge. 600210 Zijiang enterprises, as a rare 8-yuan low-cost blue chip variety in the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index, also has the theme of shocking asset injection. Recently, it has formed a perfect rising channel and made a strong breakthrough. The market is imminent, which deserves special attention

the continuous asset injection of the group company is very shocking. On January 6, 2007, Zijiang enterprise announced that the company's extraordinary general meeting of shareholders reviewed and passed the proposal on the transfer of equity of Shanghai Zidu Sheshan Real Estate Co., Ltd. by the company and its holding subsidiaries, and the company and its holding subsidiaries transferred 100% equity of Shanghai Zidu Sheshan Real Estate Co., Ltd. It is worth noting that the transaction price of the transferred assets is 320 million yuan, which is only 45.6% of the assessed value of the project assets of 700 million yuan. In the future, the group will continue to inject high-quality assets into Zijiang enterprises. Shen Wen, who is also the chairman of Zijiang group and Zijiang enterprise, said that this move is to improve the company's operating conditions and expand and strengthen the company's real estate business. This news is quite shocking, clearly indicating the desire of major shareholders to continue to inject capital, and Zijiang enterprises have huge imagination space for future performance

benefiting from the appreciation of RMB, Shanghai real estate rebounded strongly again. The value of Hongqiao commercial real estate owned by the company is expected to increase significantly. According to the current real estate prices in Shanghai, the fair value of 21486 square meters of office buildings should be about 160million; Zidu real estate, a subsidiary of Zidu real estate, currently has a construction area of 800000 square meters. It is expected that the theoretical net assets of the company will increase significantly after revaluation. In addition, the company is also a listed packaging company with the largest scale and the most complete product range in the domestic market, and the industrial development prospect is very broad. On the contrary, the RF admittance level switch can rely on its own advantages and have an outstanding development prospect. It is also a listed packaging company. Recently, Zhuhai Zhongfu transferred 199million shares at a total price of more than 1.6 billion, equivalent to an acquisition price of nearly 8.27 yuan per share. The window adopts transparent polycarbonate sheets, which led to the recent continuous rise of the limit of packaging giant Zhuhai Zhongfu, which was snapped up by foreign investors. With Zijiang's leading position in the packaging industry, its packaging assets should be at least as good as Zhuhai Zhongfu, not to mention the company's expectation of high-quality assets continuously injected by major shareholders. At present, the stock price of only more than 8 yuan is significantly undervalued

from the performance of the secondary market, since the company announced the group's capital injection at the beginning of the year, the share price has risen all the way, from 2.6 yuan. During this period, the volume can be significantly enlarged, with signs of major fund-raising. In the early stage, the market plummeted, and the stock made a deep adjustment, which gave Xinduo funds a good opportunity to build positions at a low level. As the performance of the stock in the first quarter increased significantly, which is equivalent to the performance of the whole year of last year, the semi annual report performance is very worthy of expectation, and the future asset injection is also expected to further improve the internal quality of the company. Recently, the stock has rebounded continuously, the volume can match the ideal, and there are signs of acceleration in the short term, which deserves special attention. (Hexun ouyangge)

risk tips: 1. The market has been volatile recently, and the operational risk has increased, which is not good for individual stocks. 3. Electromechanical: excellent tension test motor adopts exchange servo speed regulation system, which should catch up with the high, and it is recommended to pay attention to bargain hunting

2, the comparison of industry status between Zijiang enterprises and Zhuhai Zhongfu is limited to the speculation of basic data, and does not constitute three ideas at present: 1. Add functional coating on the basis of PP film and PE film to form operation suggestions

3, the progress of other asset injection by major shareholders in the future is not clear

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