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In July, another grand event of China packaging education opened in Zhuzhou

sponsored by China Packaging Technology Association and the light industry technology and Engineering Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, organized by the packaging education committee of China Packaging Technology Association, the National Packaging Engineering Professional Teaching Steering Committee and Zhuzhou Institute of technology, and organized by the packaging engineering magazine, China Packaging News, Sichuan Changjiang packaging testing instrument factory Co organized by Jinan Languang Testing Instrument Co., Ltd ˊ The 2004 International Symposium on modern packaging and the Third Plenary Session of the seventh Packaging Education Committee will be held in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province from July 3 to 7 this year. At the same time, the National Packaging Engineering gb/t 15822 [all parts] nondestructive testing and magnetic particle testing professional teaching steering committee annual meeting will also be held. This is a grand event in China's packaging industry, which will have a far-reaching impact on the development of modern packaging education and technology and the expansion of international exchanges and cooperation in China's packaging industry

I. The theme of this meeting is

packaging and education in the 21st century

II. The main activities of this meeting are

Xuejian, chief representative of KANGLONG Far East Beijing Representative Office. 1. "Now 3. Measurability of environmental conditions parameters. The environmental conditions provided by any one environmental experimental equipment must be observable and controllable. The development of alternative packaging and the task of packaging education"

2. The founding meeting of the third national packaging textbook editing and reviewing committee

3. Special lectures of famous packaging education and packaging technology experts at home and abroad

4. Theme Conference on modern packaging education and modern packaging technology

5. Display of image, products and achievements of well-known enterprises and colleges and universities

III. relevant matters

1. Check in time

in the afternoon of July 2, 2004, check in at the lobby of the VIP Building of Zhuzhou Hotel, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province (the railway station takes a taxi to Zhuzhou Hotel, and the taxi fee is about 5 yuan). On July 2, a specially assigned person will pick up the station at Changsha Huanghua Airport and Zhuzhou railway station

2. Meeting time

the meeting time is from July 3 to 7, of which the venue is located in Zhuzhou Institute of technology from July 3 to 4, and the venue is located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, a famous scenic spot from July 5 to 7

3. Charging standard

delegates participating in the whole meeting will be charged a conference service fee of 2300 yuan/person, and the member units of the education committee will be charged a conference service fee of 2000 yuan/person (including conference fees, accommodation and travel expenses in Zhuzhou and Zhangjiajie)

4. Booth charging standard

a special exhibition hall will be set up in this conference, so that enterprises and colleges can display their own scientific and technological achievements, product equipment, technical software, publicity drawings, etc. Booth charge standard: 3 × 4000 yuan/piece for 3 square meters; four × 4 square meters 6000 yuan/person; six × 9000 yuan/piece, 6 square meters. Please provide the exhibition materials and booth design requirements before June 20

5. Special note

due to the large scale of the conference and the large number of participants, in order to make the reception arrangements for the conference as soon as possible, all participants are requested to carefully fill in the receipt (see the annex), and inform the Secretariat of the Education Commission of Bao by fax before June 20. The representatives who need to hand in their papers will send their papers to the e-mail box (the conference affairs group will not pick them up if there is no receipt)

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