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On August 18, the Suzhou station of Lanqiao wardrobe 9.5 Hexiang board double president signing ceremony was officially launched, with the theme of "I'm coming, immediately 0 aldehyde", and the concept of "0 aldehyde" was implemented to the end, bringing environmental protection and health to consumers

in late summer and autumn, after the rain in Jiangnan, the autumn wind is cool. Here, Lanqiao wardrobe, the representative and pioneer of China's green home, came to Suzhou again in the second quarter of the signing meeting of the two presidents of Hexiang board with the theme of "I'm coming, zero aldehyde right away". This event is the third large-scale event in Suzhou this year. Having had the successful experience of the previous two times, I believe this event will only be more smooth

on August 18, the elite team from the headquarters of the company arrived in Suzhou and formed a strong team with the elite in Suzhou again. Because the theme is "I'm coming, right away" 0 aldehyde ", we are determined to implement the concept of" 0 aldehyde "as always. With the rich accumulation in the front, Lanqiao people have sufficient passion and confidence in this marketing activity

on August 19, under the organization and arrangement of manager Yang, the regional manager of the headquarters, and general manager Zhou, the Suzhou dealer, a grand kick-off meeting was held in the afternoon, which also announced the official start of the double president signing meeting. After a period of warm-up by the Suzhou team in the early stage, the kick-off meeting was held here, and the morale of all personnel reached a high point, so as to ensure the successful completion of this event

at the beginning of the first link, the general director of the event, namely, the Suzhou dealer, Mr. Zhou, took the stage to deliver a speech. In addition to expressing his confidence in the event, Mr. Zhou also strictly required everyone to take the event seriously, because the investment in both the headquarters and the Suzhou store was quite large, including advertising investment, network promotion and personnel team investment! We are not afraid of investment, but every time we pay, we must gain the most

next, after the passionate dance, manager Yang explained the whole activity plan in detail, including the organizational structure of the event staff, the activity process, the background and various preferential policies, and then subdivided into everyone's work goals

carry out personnel grouping work on the premise that everyone is clear about the plan and objectives. This activity is mainly divided into two marketing groups, each with five members. The lineup is quite strong. After manager Yang explained the reward and punishment points measures, the morale of all personnel reached a climax, and they are bound to do well, be the first, fight for themselves and the team

in the witness of the military order, everyone solemnly swore and solemnly signed his name to ensure that under the leadership of the commander in chief and the executor, the goal of this activity will be achieved, and it will be achieved! Finally, I wish this event a complete success and create greater achievements and brilliance




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