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For most decorators, it is the first time to buy a house and carry out home decoration for the first time. There is no experience at all. Home decoration can be said to be a major event in life. An carelessness will cause eternal regret. If you decorate a new house, a wedding house, etc., it will cast a shadow on your heart. Life will be greatly affected and the original happiness will be destroyed. Let's see the editor summarize the experience of people who decorate for you, Teach you how to see through the greasy decoration, make fewer mistakes, take fewer detours, and be like a duck to water in the process of home decoration

tricky one: there will be no problem after modifying the quotation for 3 or 4 times

see through: the quotation needs to be modified many times before the formal contract is signed, and finally the other party will give the owner a finalized sample. At this time, we must pay attention to verification. Some decoration companies or foremen may cheat on the process description or area

tricky 2: we are all professional procurement and unified distribution

see through: known as professional procurement, in fact, some irregular decoration companies are not strong enough to achieve unified procurement and distribution. Shopping on the street is cheap and can get kickbacks

tricky III: if the original brand materials are out of stock during decoration, Party B (home decoration company) can temporarily replace the same materials

see through: This is a typical concept of exchange, setting a trap on the text of the contract. There are many explanations for this same material, whether it is of the same quality, the same brand or the same price. The terms are not specified, and there is a lot of room for fraud

tricky IV: the level of materials when entering the site is quite clear

see through: the foreman knows best what material, specification and grade of products to use. If the owner is not careful and cares, the inferior materials will sneak into the site in this way

cat five: I know several reputable companies in the building materials market

see through: after some contractors are very serious and responsible to accompany the owners to the material market, they either say that the quality of this one is poor, or that the price is fraudulent. When the owner is exhausted, he will lose no time to recommend several reputable businesses

cat six: don't worry, this installation is very safe

see through: in order to save money and time, some decoration companies often pull wires directly. In this way, if the wires are accidentally burned, the entire wall must be destroyed when reinstalling the wires, and the results can be imagined




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