Six rules for odor removal in new house decoration

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Green and healthy home environment is the pursuit of people at present. We have to choose environmentally friendly materials in the choice of materials or furniture. Even so, the newly decorated house cannot be occupied immediately because of the peculiar smell left by all kinds of decorated furniture, or after the new house is occupied, we are worried about the residual peculiar smell affecting health. I have collected several super practical methods for removing the smell of the new house after decoration for your reference

1. Window ventilation method:

after opening the windows and doors, the whole room is ventilated. When opening doors and windows to ventilate and smell, it is necessary to pay attention to the time and method, otherwise carelessness will cause wall cracking and affect the decoration effect. Try to open oneortwo windows when smelling. Don't open all the doors and windows. Excessive air convection is bad for the decorated wall. When opening windows, it is best to choose the morning and evening, and try to avoid the sunny noon to prevent the wall from bursting under the strong sunlight. It is recommended that you ventilate for 3-6 months

2. Clean water absorption method:

put several pots of clean water in the new house, and put vinegar, scallions, orange peel, etc. into the water, which can not only absorb the residual odor in the room, but also protect the paint surface on the top of the wall. This method is not only simple, convenient and economical, but the clean water needs to be changed twice a day

3. Plant purification method:

it is common knowledge that plants purify the air, but which plants have the best effect? The most common ones are: Aloe Vera, Chlorophytum comosum, tiger tail orchid, Phyllostachys pubescens and turtle backed bamboo, which can remove harmful substances in the air, especially formaldehyde. Studies have shown that tiger tailed orchid and Chlorophytum comosum can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gases, aloe is also a good hand in absorbing formaldehyde, and Agave, evergreen, Daisy, etc. can also absorb trichloroethylene in the air

4. Carbon absorption method:

this is the most commonly used odor removal method for new house decoration at present. Activated carbon can adsorb all harmful gas molecules in the room. At the same time, it has the properties of regulating catalysis, inhibiting the spread of epidemic pathogens, and has the comprehensive functions of detoxification, odor absorption, deodorization, dehumidification, mildew prevention, sterilization, purification and so on. At present, various decorations made of activated carbon are available in the market, which are placed at home for years of deodorization and sterilization. The only disadvantage of this product is that when they are adsorbed to a certain extent, they will be saturated and need to be replaced in time

5. Fruit absorption method:

some tropical fruits such as orange and pineapple have strong aroma, and the effect is the best if they are placed indoors to remove the taste. In addition, you can also buy several pots of green bonsai plants with fruits, such as kumquat, cantaloupe, pumpkin, etc. and put them indoors, which can not only remove the taste