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On July 31, "run new Jindi" - 2015 door industry 100 people conference kicked off in the VIP Hall on the second floor of Hangmin hotel

on July 31, "run new Jindi" - 2015 door industry 100 people conference kicked off in the VIP Hall on the second floor of Hangmin hotel. Mr. Wang Yonghu, the chairman, Ms. Wang Lingjuan, the president, the principals of each center, personnel above the manager level, business backbones of the marketing team, personnel above the section chief level of the operation team, management representatives of functional departments and representatives of excellent old employees, more than 100 people gathered together to discuss Jindi's future development strategy and planning, and pursue Jindi's future dreams and the dreams of all Jindi family members

the picture shows President Wang Lingjuan delivering a keynote speech entitled Jindi development strategic planning and scientific management.

at the beginning of the meeting, President Wang Lingjuan mentioned that among the 100 employees present, those with more than 5 years of service accounted for 50%. The company is very grateful to have a group of unswerving firm faith, with diligence, dedication and loyalty, to create Jindi's beautiful family today. Jindi's performance today embodies the wisdom, sweat, talents and hardships of all employees, especially the old employees. The company hopes that with the joint efforts of everyone, we can make Jindi go more steadily and make most of the people who work in Jindi become people who are very rich in material and spirit. We hope that every Jindi family can actively embrace change and strive to achieve a win-win situation for the enterprise and employees with the values of achieving customers, developing cooperation, continuous innovation, responsibility, precision, efficiency, flexibility and self-improvement

in the afternoon, after the happy general mobilization of "chicken gymnastics", we organized an enterprise sand table simulation training. First of all, we randomly divided all the staff into six groups. Each group represents a company, and each member of the group represents the core backbone members of company A. After each group democratically selected the general manager and displayed the team style, the teaching assistant issued the enterprise sand table simulation training assignment. In order to better complete the sand table simulation, each group freely selects an executive as their expert consultant. In the simulated management situation, the members of each group simulated the problems faced by the enterprise operation through role play and situational exercise, so that the participants broke through the original post role, and greatly experienced the participants' ability to think about problems systematically, team assistance and team management. After 90 minutes of group discussion, six groups held 15 minutes of wonderful team achievements display respectively. Finally, Desheng door, led by Procurement Director Zheng Haosheng, won the team award with absolute advantage. The president, Ms. wanglingjuan, personally presented the dinner invitation of the top VIP box of Hangmin hotel to the winning team

the figure shows the sand table simulation group discussion

the figure shows the president hired by the 10th company as a consultant

the figure shows the sand table simulation project display

the figure shows President Wang Lingjuan and the advantageous team presenting awards and taking a group photo as a souvenir

the figure shows the group photo of the members of the team winning award

chairman Wang Yonghu spoke highly of the six general managers of the simulation company who dared to challenge themselves and shoulder heavy responsibilities bravely, He fully affirmed the excellent wisdom of the participants in the enterprise sand table simulation, and put forward requirements for the participants with ardent hope. Finally, in the beautiful and warm melody of the "grateful heart" sign language song, "run, new Jindi" - the 2015 door industry 100 people's meeting came to a successful conclusion

the picture shows the board of directors' ardent expectations and requirements

at the dinner, chairman Wang Yonghu and President Wang Lingjuan greeted each member of the team award one by one to learn more about your work and life. The chairman once again affirmed the excellent performance of all members of the winning team in the sand table simulation, encouraged the dreamy and passionate Jindi family to actively participate in the management of the company, and encouraged everyone to work together to create a more brilliant chapter for Jindi





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