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Weichai Power Technology Research and development lights up the new hope of China power

Weichai Power Technology Research and development lights up the new hope of China power

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as the most influential heavy-duty engine brand in China, hundreds of waterproof enterprises in the Weichai Power engine market are eyeing the high-speed rail waterproof project, which has been the first in the industry for a long time, with strong R & D strength, a sound talent team and a complete product series, The displacement of vehicle engine is from 2L to 13L, and this money will offset the cost of prototype design and part of the development cost in China. It has established five R & D centers in Weifang, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing, and has R & D institutions in the United States, France, Germany and Italy. It is one of the earliest enterprises in China to build the core competitiveness of powertrain

as early as 2005, Weichai absorbed and merged Hunan torch, integrated the advantageous resources in the vertical industrial chain, and established the enterprise vision of "building an international enterprise group with complete vehicle as the guidance and core powertrain technology, and developing into an important pole of the unique global equipment manufacturing industry"

Weichai lights up the new hope of China power with technology research and development

in order to create this corporate vision, Weichai has built a large number of scientific research institutions and centers. At present, Weichai has a series of modern test centers with complete functions, including five axis power system assembly test bench, high pressure common rail oil pump test bench, three high environment test chamber, CVS full flow test system, friction testing machine and other test centers, which can carry out power system assembly, engine Test of transmission, drive axle and other parts. At the same time, Weichai has a complete pilot plant equipped with world-class pilot equipment. At the same time, China Resources also has a high-quality powertrain development team composed of hundreds of engineers, with rich experience in product development and engineering

at the end of 2007, Weichai Power gathered the technical elites of Weichai and its fast and hand axles, and combined the technical advantages of European R & D center, AVL vehicle R & D center, and well-known experts in the vehicle industry at home and abroad to launch the first batch of domestic commercial vehicle special powertrain systems. This system has passed the strict matching test and demonstration, and the data in all aspects are outstanding. It can be called the best power system solution in the domestic automotive industry in terms of power, economy, reliability and so on

since 2009, Weichai Power has applied for the construction of "national commercial vehicle powertrain engineering technology research center", which has passed the acceptance and is officially listed. On this platform, Weichai began to undertake national projects and completed many projects of the Ministry of science and technology, including the development project of truck powertrain and the development project of tractor powertrain

among them, the relevant projects of truck powertrain have applied for a number of invention patents, and the golden industrial chain of truck powertrain of the group has been established. In the process of developing the traction vehicle powertrain assembly development project (2) tensile modulus of elasticity and tensile secant modulus of elasticity, the R & D personnel of Weichai have comprehensively matched and tested the traction vehicle powertrain, and under the condition of equivalent vehicle dynamics, the traction vehicle can achieve fuel saving of 13.75%. At the same time, within Weichai group, aiming at the development plan of Yaxing bus products, the market competitiveness of Yaxing bus products has been further improved through new matching and optimization of the group's engine, gearbox, axle and other powertrain assemblies, as well as the vehicle intake and exhaust system, cooling system and suspension system. Through the relevant research of "national commercial vehicle powertrain engineering technology research center", the research project of 12 meter intercity bus powertrain matching technology has also made breakthrough progress, and the fuel consumption of users' actual road test has been reduced by 10.49%

Weichai's scientific research investment and performance improvement have not only received national R & D patents, but also continued to receive positive feedback from users. In Weichai's follow-up visit, a Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck user told Weichai's staff that "after selecting the Weichai heavy truck powertrain, the power was significantly improved. In the past, when climbing a slope, it had to be reduced to gear 7. Now it's easy to shift to gear 8, and now the fuel consumption is significantly reduced. In the past, the fuel consumption per kilometer was 3.2 yuan, now it only needs 3 yuan, and a trip can save 600 yuan of fuel!" Weichai staff told that they could receive a lot of such positive feedback during each return visit. These performance improvements are undoubtedly inseparable from Weichai's years of technical persistence

the pace of Weichai's scientific and technological innovation is far from stopping. In many years of scientific and technological research and development and technological exploration, Weichai people have strongly realized that in order to build an international group of powertrain core technologies, we must optimize and integrate the entire industrial chain, gather advantageous resources, integrate innovative thinking into every key point of new product research and development, and open up new hopes for the industry with innovation. Only through continuous research and development, can we fundamentally grasp the voice of the industry, so as to truly realize the grand blueprint of the internationalization of Weichai Power

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