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On March 29, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Weichai is another historic moment for Weichai to serve the Vietnamese market

on the same day, Weichai completed and grandly opened a new product service center in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, Weichai launched two high-end engines, wp9h and wp2.3, for the local market. Both of them adopt high-pressure common rail and high-efficiency SCR technology to meet the Euro V emission requirements, have Euro VI emission potential, and are the diesel engine products with the highest emission standards in the Vietnamese market

at the event site, Chinese Consul General in Ho Chi Minh Chen Dehai, vice president of Weichai Power Feng Gang, deputy director of Vietnam vehicle registration and Inspection Bureau Nguyen Wu Hai, and general manager of plum blossom automobile fan Guowu jointly injected "V" of Euro V emission technology with victory champagne symbolizing a better future. Vietnam VR Industry Minister Wu Ying and Weichai group general manager assistant Zhang Gengsheng jointly unveiled the two engines

the new product service center, which integrates product display, training and teaching, conference discussion, parts storage and maintenance services, is the first standard product service center of Weichai overseas, and will provide all-round and round the clock support for Vietnamese customers

Weichai released Vietnam's first Euro V engine product

promoted Vietnam's automotive diesel engine to enter the Euro V era

wp9h Euro V automotive engine

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Weichai's newly released wp9h and wp2.3 are another masterpiece of Weichai's efforts in the Vietnamese market. Wp9h series diesel engine, with power covering horsepower and maximum torque of 1700n · m, has good power performance. The engine is famous for its "high reliability". After 45000 hours of bench test and 50million kilometers of road durability test, the B10 service life is as high as 1.8 million kilometers/30000 hours

wp2.3 series diesel engine, the representative of Weichai Rui power family, is developed by relying on Weichai's "power+" smart platform. Its power covers horsepower, low speed, high torque and high reliability. Important parts and components come from world-famous suppliers. It has experienced rigorous "three highs" and road test and verification, vehicle heat balance test, bench heat balance test, etc. B10 life can reach 800000 kilometers

in recent years, the automobile manufacturing capacity and level led by Changhai group in Vietnam market have increased rapidly, and customers' requirements for vehicle power, economy, reliability and comfort have also been continuously improved

the Euro V diesel engine released by Weichai this time better meets the needs of Vietnamese customers. It is also the first engine company to release Euro V emission engines in Vietnam, marking the entry of Vietnam's automotive diesel engine into the Euro V era

in the 1980s, Weichai was a banner for the export of domestic Electromechanical industry. In 1986, some manufacturers of Weichai 6160 marine engines in the market will officially export to the Vietnamese market, and take the lead in the Vietnamese marine transportation market

Weichai engine with high torque and power has promoted the upgrading of Vietnam's transport ship manufacturing, from the common 300 ton ship type in the market to 1000 tons. At the same time, it has also won a good reputation in northern Vietnam when the market of recycled plastic granulator is more and more promising

starting from a single ship engine matching, the maximum allowable height of Weichai's test pieces in the Vietnamese market: 170mm has been continuously increased, and the matching range has also been continuously expanded, covering passenger cars, trucks, ships, construction machinery, power generation and other fields

among them, it accounts for 40% of the market share in the field of civil marine diesel engines; It has 90% market share in the field of long-distance sleeper buses. Weichai has made contributions to the local economic development of Vietnam with its surging power

nowadays, Weichai has established strategic supporting relationships with mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturers in Vietnam, such as Changhai automobile, Changjiang automobile, Meihua, Shengli, etc. Weichai Power can be found everywhere from the trunk highway 1 of Vietnam highway to the Hanoi Airport Expressway, from Ho Chi Minh port to the red river channel, from the Mekong River basin to the Touton wharf, from the Nanding shipyard to the Jianjiang fishing ground, from the Ningping stone mine to the Beining coal mine

Weichai has three offices in the Vietnamese market, one product service center, two product training centers, 19 core maintenance service centers, and three after-sales parts center libraries. Relying on service, Weichai special station and information support platform, it provides all-weather "7/24/365" after-sales service for Vietnamese customers

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