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Weichai Power 2013 80 new engines unveiled at the science and Technology Week

Weichai Power 2013 80 new engines unveiled at the science and Technology Week

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Guide: on January 11, 2013, the Weichai Power Science and Technology Week product exhibition was grandly opened in Weichai Industrial Park. This exhibition comprehensively explained the theme of the 2013 Weichai business conference: products determine space, services create value, and intensively displayed 51 scientific and technological innovation achievements of Weichai, as well as various power devices

on January 11, 2013, the product exhibition of Weichai Power Technology Week was grandly opened in Weichai Industrial Park

this exhibition comprehensively explained the theme of the 2013 Weichai business conference: "products determine space, services create value", focusing on 51 scientific and technological innovation achievements of Weichai, as well as 88 sets of various power equipment and hydraulic systems. Covering an area of 5000 square meters, the science and Technology Week product exhibition has become the largest new product exhibition in Weichai's history. Zhang Jiyuan, president assistant and chief designer of Weichai Power, said that through this Weichai science and Technology Week product exhibition, Weichai will show the world the strongest competitive strength, the most advanced development concept, the most advanced product technology and the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements

outside the exhibition area, the marine monitoring marine engine used in China's Diaoyu Island waters is particularly eye-catching. This 9l2738 marine engine shows the strength of Weichai and the enterprise society

this exhibition is divided into five parts: preface hall, Weichai industrial layout exhibition area, innovative technology exhibition area, product exhibition area and post market exhibition area. Weichai Power, Shaanxi heavy truck, Yaxing bus, hande axle, as well as many overseas acquired brands such as boduan in France, Faraday in Italy, and Kaiao in Germany appeared at the exhibition one by one, highlighting the innovative achievements of the R & D pattern of five countries and ten places

Weichai industrial layout exhibition area launched five systems: power system, transmission system, hydraulic system, propulsion system and new energy power system, providing a comprehensive solution from products to technology

among them, 51 new technologies launched by Weichai are intensively displayed in the innovative technology exhibition area. New technology application (PBS), post-processing technology, electric control technology independently developed by Weichai, hybrid bulldozer, super battery, lithium battery module and energy management system vividly show Weichai's scientific and technological research and development achievements through electronic screens and models respectively

ECU, a high-pressure common rail electronic control system of heavy-duty diesel engine independently developed by Weichai and with independent intellectual property rights, has become a highlight of this exhibition. Weichai's high-pressure common rail electric control system will be officially put into the domestic market in batches after strict emission test, road test and three high verification. The monopoly situation of foreign enterprises in this field will be broken due to the listing of Weichai's new technology. HPDI new energy engine technology also has a high stiffness of steel strand experimental machine, which is particularly remarkable. Cheng Guangxu of Weichai truck power company said that this technology combines the advantages of diesel engine and gas engine, and avoids its defects, making the natural gas engine technology leap from the spark ignition era to the compression ignition Era if the lever level is controlled within 0.05%, which is a major change in the field of natural gas engine technology. Weichai's original steppedbowl in combustion development, based on the parametric optimization design of the combustion chamber contour, makes the combustion chamber shape best match with the air flow movement and fuel injection. The new combustion chamber can achieve energy conservation and emission reduction at the same time. The reduction range of soot emission can reach 45.83%, the reduction range of nitrogen oxide emission can reach 4.6%, and the fuel consumption rate can be reduced by 0.6g/(kW · h)

in the product exhibition area, Weichai, as a supplier of general dynamics in all fields and series, comprehensively exhibited more than 80 new engine products in 2013. The products launched this time cover truck power, bus power, construction machinery power, ship power, power generation equipment and industrial power. The newly developed 93 dust filter, frame support structure, self-test engine and other fuel-efficient supporting technologies have made the majority of dealers sigh. In the face of a wide range of new engine products, wangmaolin, general manager of Qingzhou Shunchi Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said: "Weichai's products this year are much higher than last year, and the appearance of products has also been greatly improved. Product research and development focuses more on fuel-saving power, which is more popular in the market."

in the post market exhibition area, rows of remanufactured engines, rows of Weichai special oil, and various spare parts collectively show the super strength of Weichai in the post market. At present, Weichai is taking improving user satisfaction as the main line, taking improving the timeliness and effectiveness of services as the entry point, adjusting its policy and management mode, driving the internal guarantee to the external guarantee, giving full play to the comprehensive advantages of the 5P service mode, creating value for channels and users to the greatest extent, striving to create "full life cycle" services for engines and the unique post market service concept of Weichai, and establishing a non replicable, The service mode of Weichai Power that cannot be surpassed

this science and technology week also set up a special stage for technical communication, and Weichai technicians took the stage to explain the use of innovative technologies one by one. In the morning of the same day, more than 800 dealers and service providers who came to the heavy truck engine conference shared the results of the technical exchange meeting. The science and technology week also announced 9 scientific research achievements in 2012, including Weichai group's development planning blueprint, five business segments, R & D platforms in five countries and ten places, the original steppedbowl, airway research, multiple injection technology, and actual road spectrum optimization

it is understood that the number of visitors reached nearly 5000 during the 10 day Weichai science and technology week

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