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Weichai tanxuguang: state-owned enterprises can better hone real entrepreneurs

Weichai tanxuguang: state-owned enterprises 16. With the function of cyclic loading, they can better hone real entrepreneurs

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Guide: state-owned enterprises inhibit entrepreneurship, and state-owned enterprises cannot produce real entrepreneurs. This seems to be an irrefutable economic proposition. However, in the view of tanxuguang, chairman of Weichai group, this is a great discriminatory prejudice. He believes that the relationship between environment and people should be viewed dialectically. Whether the enterprise can do well

state owned enterprises inhibit entrepreneurship, and state-owned enterprises cannot produce real entrepreneurs. This seems to be an irrefutable economic proposition. However, in the view of tanxuguang, chairman of Weichai group, this is a great discriminatory prejudice. He believes that the relationship between environment and people should be viewed dialectically. Whether the enterprise can do well has nothing to do with ownership; Whether real entrepreneurs can emerge has nothing to do with ownership. Relatively speaking, the diversified objectives and complex environment of state-owned enterprise management can better hone real entrepreneurs

having been immersed in the management of state-owned enterprises for many years, he deeply realized that entrepreneurs should first know how to restrict and surpass themselves, and constantly refine and sublimate themselves; Under such a premise, only by always focusing on the innovation of the company's system and mechanism, as well as the cultural elements that determine the success or failure, can we ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise growth engine and generate a continuous strong driving force

there is only a starting point for system and mechanism innovation

: the innovation of system and mechanism of state-owned enterprises has been talked about for many years, and more and more people feel the importance of privatization mechanism of state-owned enterprise system. What is the key to this transformation

tanxuguang: now I have some new experience when talking about this problem

if state-owned enterprises want to realize the innovation of system and mechanism, they must have the same idea from top to bottom, have clear strategic objectives and guiding ideology, and have enough strategic determination to continue to promote. For example, at the beginning of its establishment, Weichai Power (22.68,0.38,1.70%) was determined to be a new state-owned enterprise, with "new company, new system, new mechanism, new ideas, new culture (31.590,0.92,3.00%)" as the guiding ideology, to build the company into a brand-new, full range, global leading general power provider

what exactly is the new state-owned enterprise like? It also requires strategic decomposition, refinement and strong implementation. Take Weichai for example. We have done four things

first of all, in line with the principles of strengthening the main business, stripping the auxiliary business, streamlining the military and simplifying the administration, and taking the battle light, we restructured and listed the advantageous assets, introduced strategic investors, established a new diversified equity structure, and operated in accordance with the modern corporate governance structure and management mode

the second is to introduce the new concept of "state-owned system, private mechanism", reform the protracted management mode of traditional state-owned enterprises, implement process reengineering, introduce four modern management means of comprehensive budget, six sigma, excellent performance and informatization, as well as two process management tools of operation early warning analysis and benchmarking management, and realize lean management

on this basis, we have established a new idea for the development of the industrial chain. With the engine advantage business as the core and capital operation as the means, we have implemented the upstream and downstream extension of the industrial chain, and built the most complete and competitive heavy truck gold industrial chain in China

enterprise competition is a contest of comprehensive strength. We have always paid attention to the core concept of "communication and inclusiveness", cultivated a cultural pattern of symbiosis and coexistence of passion culture, execution culture, innovation culture, team culture and family culture, and created a unique enterprise culture system

only when these works are done in a down-to-earth manner can Weichai have today's industrial influence, control and vitality. All these efforts are driven by the establishment of long-term user groups on the basis of market orientation and the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise systems

of course, a good meal is not afraid of late. It takes enough perseverance, patience and hard work to complete this transformation. At the same time, it must be emphasized that there is competition when there is a market, and competition means that the innovation of enterprise system and mechanism has only a starting point and no end point. We are still constantly thinking and exploring the way of enterprise innovation, and strive to adjust our own state to the best in the face of different business environments

: Governing the country is like cooking small delicacies, and the principle of governing large enterprises is similar. As the chairman of the board, how can you exert your influence in the decision-making process of the enterprise so that you can relax freely

tanxuguang: being a chairman is the same as being a conductor. The director should be able to tell who is pulling the wrong one, and the chairman should adjust the disharmony of the management team to the right position

entrepreneurs should not be afraid of failure, but also avoid strategic failure. Making the right strategic choice is the first mission undertaken by entrepreneurs. Some people say I'm brave. In fact, I'm a very cautious person. Our major decision-making process is very prudent, and we practice the democratic, open and transparent management concept. For example, mergers and acquisitions need to hold several demonstration meetings, with the support of a strong think tank, and make detailed evaluation to promote scientific decision-making

set an example and cultivate advanced enterprise culture

: you just mentioned that enterprise competition is a contest of comprehensive strength. In addition to visible hard power, there is also cultural soft power. As a new state-owned enterprise with private mechanism, how to play the card of new culture

tanxuguang: Weichai was originally a traditional state-owned enterprise, with a deep accumulation of state-owned enterprise culture, which has the advantages of state-owned enterprise culture. However, in the transformation from planned economy to market economy, if the culture is not reformed, it is impossible to apply for papers related to the six theme areas of the conference, such as research results, academic views, engineering experience, hypothetical suggestions, etc., to support enterprises to adapt to the development of market economy. Institutions can manage people, but it is not enough for large enterprises to rely on institutions alone. They must unify words and deeds with culture, educate people and prosper enterprises with culture, and guide development with culture

Weichai culture has experienced three stages of development so far. Before 2001, we called it compulsory culture instillation, which is the stage for enterprises to build executive power; In, it is the stage of standardizing culture, that is, the systematic system and structural integration of enterprises; Since 2004, we have focused on communication culture. Many Chinese entrepreneurs have the idea of emperor, so the corporate culture often stays in the first stage

: corporate culture and strategic development stage match each other. Can you be specific

tanxuguang: you are right. Corporate culture must be highly coordinated with corporate strategy. In the past, state-owned enterprises not only had no cultural strategy, but also had no overall strategy. Now, culture is an important support for enterprises to achieve their strategic development goals. Culture should focus on the different development stages of enterprises in the next 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years, and formulate and form ideas and values that support different stages. It can be said that strategy determines destiny, culture determines success or failure, and strategy and culture complement each other. Weichai culture of "inclusiveness, communication and" came into being with the strategic mode of "two wheel drive" of product management and capital operation

in 1998, when the enterprise was facing bankruptcy, we proposed "three chapters of the constitution", that is, "first, don't be a good person and don't be a peace officer; second, do what employees are required to do first, and don't do what employees are not allowed to do; third, urge the majority of cadres and workers to supervise every decision and behavior of factory leaders", and advocate that cadres should abide by the three chapters of the Constitution and set an example for the masses. On one occasion, due to product quality problems, the leadership of the enterprise collectively withheld three months' wages. It is difficult to convince the public if we do not establish prestige. Marked by the "Three Regulations", we have cultivated a passionate culture of entrepreneurship

: later

tanxuguang: in the past, Weichai was just an enterprise producing engines. In 2005, we strategically restructured Hunan torch, with a group of subsidiaries composed of more than 40 high-quality enterprises such as Shaanxi heavy truck, fast transmission, hande axle, etc

each region has different regional cultures, and each enterprise has successful cultural elements. After reorganization, how to promote the cultural integration between different enterprises, realize complementary advantages, and play a synergistic effect? In 2007, we put forward the concept of integrated culture with "inclusiveness, communication and" as the core. Use an inclusive attitude to draw on the strengths of others, use communication to achieve the unified goal of the group, and use it to promote the sustainable development of the group, so as to gradually form a culture of integrated development of the group

the cultural concept should have the ability of self-renewal and adapt to the requirements of different development stages of the enterprise. It used to be "inclusive, communication and inclusive". After more than five years of integration, it is now "inclusive, communication and inclusive", which is the first

at the same time, customer satisfaction is the purpose of all enterprise behaviors. We treat customers well, care for customers, strive to create a cultural atmosphere, and effectively provide customers with value-added services. Marked by "customer satisfaction is our purpose", we have formed a customer-oriented culture both inside and outside

in recent years, the enterprise has developed and the quality of employees has been continuously improved, but we have found some bad cultural habits. For example, personal income has increased, but work passion has weakened; Some employees look more at the problems existing in the enterprise and think that the enterprise is sorry for itself, rather than looking at the problems in the process of enterprise development from the perspective of development. To this end, we propose a culture of gratitude. Only when an enterprise is grateful to its employees for working under natural conditions can it embody the essence of "people-oriented" and promote the common development of employees and enterprises; Only when employees are grateful to the enterprise can they stimulate endless work passion and strong consciousness. It can be said that Weichai has formed a people-oriented harmonious culture marked by the concept of "gratitude"

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