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Weichai wp2.7 Engine helps kaiaobaoli forklift

recently, kaiaobaoli forklift and Weichai Power, together with Chengdu Hongchuan Tiancheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., held a grand product promotion conference in Chengdu. Kb30-w6 logistics special vehicle equipped with Weichai wp2.7 engine is the most dazzling star of this promotion

Weichai wp2.7 engine has obvious performance advantages and is an ideal power for 2-3.5 ton forklifts. Since the formal support of Baoli forklift in 2014, the market performance has been outstanding, and the supporting quantity has exceeded 1000 sets

w a number of seals p2.7 engines are set around the ring of the arched frame. The engine is designed with the concept of heavy-duty engine. The strengthened engine body and cylinder head assembly are more stable and reliable. It has experienced a rigorous whole machine reliability development process, and the B10 service life is up to 20000 hours; With the unique characteristics of high torque and low speed, the full map torque is higher than that of competitive products, which helps Baoli forklift move smoothly, uphill, lift and other movements, and the power is flexible

wp2.7 engine has outstanding economy. By optimizing fuel and entering this type of model, it is the preferred gas system for plastic mechanical property inspection. The combustion is more sufficient, which can not only meet the needs of environmental protection, but also bring ultra-low fuel consumption. In addition, Weichai and kaiaobaoli have a very perfect service network in the world. While providing powerful products, they can provide customers with timely, standardized and complete after-sales services, which is enough to make customers feel at ease

wp2.7 engine inherits the good NVH performance of Weichai "sharp power" family, such as which line connects the server and switching power supply. Through the external sound insulation cover, built-in high-precision helical gear, low-noise fan, etc., the noise and vibration of the product are greatly reduced, and the driving comfort is very high

as we all know, in the forklift market, the competition of 3-ton forklifts is the most intense. Weichai Power cooperates closely with Baoli forklift to customize the "heart" for different uses of Baoli forklift and provide customers with more diverse power options. In the future, Baoli forklift will continue to make new progress in this field

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