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Fanuc reappeared at Essen exhibition

Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is a joint venture between Shanghai Electric Group and Fanuc in China. The company not only provides high-performance and high reliability robot products to customers, but also provides system engineering and solutions with high cost performance to help customers improve productivity and further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At present, FANUC robots have up to 200000 units in the world. Robot systems mainly used for welding, assembly, handling, casting, spraying, stacking and other different functions have been widely used in various industries. The steady and high-speed production process brings about the decline of system cost

considering the robot welding system, the loading system is controlled by deformation in the experiment. It must be flexible, humanized, efficient and high-quality. FANUC is committed to providing customers with various automatic welding solutions and equipment, In this Essen Welding and cutting exhibition, FANUC will mainly display two series of robot products:

multifunctional intelligent robot r-2000ib series, which can meet the changing automation requirements of manufacturers, and its main applications include welding, assembly, parts handling, material cutting and gluing. The r-2000ib/210f exhibited this time has a maximum load of 210kg. It is compatible with its previous generation of industry-leading six axis robot r-2000ia. The r-2000ib, supported by the new r-30ia controller, has enhanced intelligent functions and sports performance. The slender mechanical arm and wrist help reduce interference from system equipment and allow the robot to operate in a narrow workspace. The new vibration control function essentially reduces the vibration of the robot in the process of movement. Using this function, in spot welding applications, the new r-30ia controller automatically optimizes the servo gun and robot motion, reducing the cycle time of the r-2000ib by about 15%, thus greatly providing production and productivity. It also has a number of intelligent function improvements, including controlling and coordinating the robot chain of up to 10 robots through robot position data network exchange

high performance hollow arm robot M-10iA is an arc welding robot with welding gun cable built into the arm. Its performance is greatly improved compared with the same series of robots, and it is more suitable for high-intensity welding operations. The high-strength arm and advanced servo drive technology improve the maximum running speed and acceleration of each axis. There is data display energy, which shortens the welding operation time by more than 15% and realizes the highest production performance in the world. The control shaft adopts a unique driving structure, which is known as the hollow arc welding robot with the most slender arm in the field, thus simplifying the welding operation and high-density installation operation in a narrow space. The flexible welding gun cable and hollow arm are convenient for maintenance, and provide excellent cable and stable welding wire supply for the welding process. 2. Metal material experimental instruments; This robot can integrate the welding power cable protector trachea except the wire feeding tube. The enhanced weight-bearing capacity of the wrist allows the installation of various welding tools, such as sensor units, servo welding guns and double wire welding guns

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