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Weichai Yingzhi automobile listed in Costa Rica and set foot on the journey outside Shanghai

Weichai Yingzhi automobile listed in Costa Rica and set foot on the journey outside Shanghai

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on November 27, Yingzhi G3 held a listing press conference in Costa Rica, and Weichai Yingzhi automobile's new overseas journey officially kicked off

the listing press conference on that day was very popular and lively. Oscar Arias, the former president of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize winner, attended the press conference. All vanadium flow battery is expected to become a hot topic for vanadium utilization. Ye Ziqing, two members of Congress, Minister of national labor and general manager of Weichai (Chongqing) automobile, attended the press conference and delivered a speech

it is understood that Yingzhi car dealers in Costa Rica have strong local strength and have perfect sales and service channels. Since 2004, they have begun to sell Chinese automotive products. For this press conference, they have made full preparations. They have built a new primary exhibition hall, with three secondary exhibition halls. They plan to continue to open two secondary exhibition halls next year, covering the whole Costa Rica. In May this year, they also specially imported 8 Yingzhi G3 sample vehicles for testing. After testing, customers were very satisfied with the quality and performance of the vehicles, and then imported 40 Yingzhi G3 in September. Dealers also hope to choose soft materials at a higher speed to become the exclusive agent of Yingzhi automobile in the country, and continue to gradually export Yingzhi automobile to Central American countries

in addition, during the press conference in Costa Rica, ye Ziqing also visited the presidential palace of Costa Rica with dealers and discussed the future development direction of cars in Costa Rica with the vice president and members of Parliament. The local government supports the development and popularization of new energy vehicles and hopes that Yingzhi automobile can work together with dealers to contribute to local environmental protection. The government will also try its best to solve the problems encountered in the cooperation

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