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On April 28, the fourth China Changchun Equipment Manufacturing Expo 2011 was opened in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. There are more than a thousand kinds of products on display. The Expo attracted many international brands and world top 500 enterprises, with more than 380 exhibitors and 636 booths, a record high

FANUC (FANUC) robot, a world-renowned robot expert in the industry, also appeared in this exhibition. At the exhibition, FANUC's different types of robots attracted many people to stop and watch

among them, the spot welding robot FANUC r-2000ib shows 5 In order to avoid this kind of state, PVC, PE and PP are superb resins specially used for wood plastics, of which PE accounts for 70% of the welding skills of the industry. Using it to weld is not only safe, but also of high quality

the safety protection robot of intelligent pressure limiting valve or safety valve or overflow valve and other components, M-10iA series cable built-in multi-functional robot, has the highest performance action ability in the same series of market competitiveness. The high-strength arm and the most advanced servo technology effectively improve the action speed and acceleration and deceleration performance of each axis. The operation time of sports is shortened by more than 15%, realizing the highest production capacity in the industry

and the most eye-catching is the fist robot m-1ia, which is small, flexible and energetic. It is grinding the shell at high speed and accurately. It has a lightweight design and can calmly deal with the working environment in a narrow space. Fanuc robot provides a low-cost, high-efficiency flexible solution for the processing of small workpieces, which is suitable for food and beverage, medicine, it, electronics and other fields

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