Sterile packaging compound bag for the hottest liq

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Aseptic packaging composite bag for liquid food

aseptic packaging composite bag for liquid food of gorier ("Tianjin) packaging Co., Ltd., the contents of which are hot paste and other liquids. Aluminum/plastic plastic thermal composite is used as the body structure of the bag, together with the filling valve port that can withstand high temperature and aseptic filling. The design is reasonable, which is not only convenient, safe and reliable. The ingenious design of the K-side at the bottom of the bag makes the bottom of the bag not in contact with the external iron bucket, which reduces transportation damage, and it is convenient to pour out and reduce residues. It has won the favor of consumers of "transient" electronic components that are soluble in water or heated and fusible, for example

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with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices

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