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Construction crane steel wire rope and its selection guide

steel wire rope is widely used on construction cranes, which is generally made of many high-strength steel wires. First, a single steel wire is wound together to form a strand, then some of the strands are wound into a rope core, and then the outer strands composed of other strands are wound around the rope core to form a steel wire rope. Some imported steel ropes also contain a plastic insert core, which is usually covered on the rope core in the form of plastic coating after special treatment. Important steel ropes are filled with appropriate lubricant inside the rope to reduce friction

domestic steel wire ropes are generally divided into organic matter (hemp core and cotton core), asbestos core or metal core according to the core material, and there is usually no filler or lubricant inside the rope

the steel wire rope can be divided into straight winding rope and cross winding rope according to the mutual direction of the steel wire wound into strands and strands wound into ropes, and can be divided into left and right same direction twisting and left and right alternating twisting according to the twisting direction of the strands; Generally, the imported steel wire rope takes the cross wound rope as the standard rope. The design of these vehicles can meet the requirements of the top standard. The rotation direction of the steel wire rope is consistent with the rotation direction of the outer strand spiral based on the longitudinal axis of the steel wire rope, which is divided into left rotation and right rotation. Accordingly, the rotation direction of the strand is also specified, that is, taking the longitudinal axis of the strand as the benchmark, the direction of the spiral line of the outer wire constituting the strand is the rotation direction of each share. When a single ordinary steel wire rope is used, it rotates in the opposite direction to the steel wire rope. When it is used in the pulley block, the rotation of the lifting steel wire rope will be caused by the rotation of the steel wire rope, which is commonly known as twisting. Compared with ordinary steel wire rope, non rotating steel wire rope has been widely used at present. The so-called non rotating steel wire rope is based on the principle that the direction of the torsional torque of the rope and the strand is opposite and the size is equal: the imported non rotating steel wire rope is different. The principle is to make the rotation direction of the rope core opposite to the rotation direction of the rope itself. When stressed, the torque generated by the rope core is equal to the torque generated by the outer strand, and the direction is opposite

the strand of steel wire rope can also become a compact strand through post-treatment methods such as rolling or die extrusion. After treatment, the diameter of the strand will be reduced and the surface finish will be very high. Therefore, the steel wire rope with tight strands can use thicker steel wires. Under the same diameter, the steel wire rope with tight strands has a higher filling coefficient and a greatly improved breaking force. When multi-layer winding is carried out on the drum, the outer strand of the common wire rope is squeezed 20 ⑶ 2 between layers, which is more serious, and the surface of the wire rope is worn faster. The tight strand wire rope has high wear resistance and extrusion resistance

whether the selection of steel wire rope is correct or not will directly affect the service life of the rope and cause structural deformation, fracture and accidental failure of the rope. Therefore, the recommended selection principles are as follows:

1) when carrying out an unguided heavy lift or multiple unguided heavy lifts at a large height, choose to deliberately improve the innovation ability of non rotating steel wire rope:

2) when carrying out a guided heavy lift or multiple guided heavy lifts at a small height (such as driving) or when using left-hand and right-hand ropes in pairs, What puzzles researchers is how to develop high activity catalyst through wire rope

the determination of wire rope rotation direction should follow:

the drum with right-hand rope groove is recommended to use left-hand wire rope: on the contrary, the drum with left-hand rope groove should use right-hand wire rope

for single-layer wound non rotating steel wire rope, the above principles must be strictly observed, otherwise it is easy to cause permanent deformation of the steel wire rope structure; For multi-layer winding, the rotation direction of the rope is determined by the direction of the drum rope groove, so as to lay a good foundation for the next layer

the friction and extrusion force between the steel wire ropes of the multi-layer winding drum are large, which is easy to cause rope disorder. Therefore, the steel wire rope with a diameter slightly smaller than the pitch of the rope groove and the diameter of the rope groove should be selected to increase the contact area between the steel wire rope and the drum, reduce the friction between adjacent steel wire ropes, and improve the service life of the steel wire rope. Practice has proved that the diameter of steel wire rope is 1% smaller than the pitch of rope groove, which helps to arrange ropes closely and effectively eliminate rope climbing and rope disorder

under the same diameter, the more the number of outer strands of the steel wire rope, the thinner the diameter, and the thinner the single steel wire. This kind of steel wire rope has good flexibility, which can well overcome the reverse bending force when the steel wire rope enters and exits the drum for many times, and it is easy to thread the rope. The thicker outer strand, whose steel wire is also thicker, can better resist wear, mechanical damage, corrosion and extrusion. Therefore, only a good combination of the two advantages is a really high-performance high-quality steel wire rope

in addition, pay attention to the minimum diameter and minimum breaking force of steel wire rope in the selection process, which should comply with the provisions of iso4308 standard

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