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Hualing Lianyungang rod and strip mill rod workshop C operation area benchmarking record

Hualing Lianyungang rod and strip mill rod workshop C operation area benchmarking record

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Guide: jumping up to pick peaches is a slang, which means that you must jump up to pick peaches that grow on tree tips. This sentence is also the motto of reducing the cost and tapping the potential of the steel rolling shift in the C operation area of the first workshop of Hualing Lianyuan Steel rod and strip plant. From May to November 2013, the rolling medium waste, sizing rate, heating furnace

"jump up and pick peaches" was originally a slang saying that if you want to pick peaches that grow on the top of a tree, you must jump up to do it. This sentence, inputting the size information of the sample in the software operation parameter window, is also the motto of reducing the cost and tapping the potential of the steel rolling shift in the C operation area of the first workshop of Hualing Lianyuan Steel Bar and strip plant. From May to November 2013, the four key indicators of waste in rolling, sizing rate, heating furnace fuel consumption and yield reached the company's benchmark for seven consecutive months, and was rated as the company's benchmarking advanced team for four times. Among them, the cost reduction achieved in December 2013 was more than 400000 yuan, and the annual cost reduction reached more than 4million yuan. In the benchmarking process, how does the steel rolling team jump up and pick peaches? Before gbt8358 (1) 987 steel wire rope breaking tensile test method, go deep into the team to find out

to jump up and pick peaches, you must first have the initiative to jump up and the courage not to fall. Facing the fruit laden peach tree, if you don't have the courage to jump in the face of difficulties, you can only watch others pick peaches

in the past, a few employees of the rod and strip factory complained: "our old line is a corner forgotten by the company, and the income is always the lowest." Semi automatic pneumatic clamping device; Computer automatic control of landing height and lifting of falling hammer; The electromagnet automatically captures "tap the potential every year, and the bar has no potential. 26 low carbon steel hot-rolled disc bars can be tapped." In the face of these complaints, Yan Lixin, the new director of the rod and strip factory, pointed out the crux of the problem: "we must abandon the idea of waiting, relying, and wanting, rely on improving performance, achieving indicators, and reducing costs to increase our wages, and use our hands to change the situation."

the first to "jump up" is the steel rolling shift in operation area C of bar 1 workshop. Since May 2013, they have carried out team benchmarking competitions in an all-round way. Taotaishan and Peng Feng, the foremen and Deputy foremen of the rolling third team, aimed at the advanced indicators of other industries through the analysis of relevant data. At the same time, they learned from the advanced experience of their standardized operation in the second rod workshop, where the standardization operation was carried out earlier, and combined with their own reality, set up four benchmarking indicators for this team, which are 11 pieces of rolling waste, 64kwh/t power consumption, 98.7% sizing rate and 97.7% yield. After reaching the standard, they will improve the benchmark month by month

as soon as the goal was set, someone booed, "it's simply an impossible task". "Benchmarking is to focus on the best level of our peers. Now the market competition is so fierce, if we don't self pressurize, don't keep up with high standards, and don't make a detour to surpass, we will never get high performance." Peng Feng actively cheered his colleagues

in order to reach the goal of tapping potential as soon as possible, the rolling third shift has taken a series of safeguard measures. Taotaishan, Peng Feng, Mao KANGYI, Zhang Yonghui and other team backbones came to the production site 40 minutes in advance every day to understand the production situation of the previous shift; Hold a pre shift meeting, assign the rolling task of the day, reasonably arrange and allocate the shift staff, and enter the production site 10 minutes in advance to make relevant preparations. Li Bo, the red sample worker, paid attention to the length and length of the flying shear head, and tried to cooperate with the shift staff to complete the roll change, groove change, import and export guide replacement and related equipment maintenance during the stop rolling period of the shift inspection, so as to prepare for maximizing the production operation rate

the class issued a convention: organize production in strict accordance with standardized operation, strengthen the assessment of post failures and medium waste, assess post failures at 4 yuan/minute and medium waste at 100 yuan/piece, and take incentive measures at the same time. Post workers without medium waste in the whole month will be rewarded at 200 yuan/person to ensure that the medium waste in rolling is minimized. They also arranged special personnel to be responsible for paying attention to the completion of the power consumption index, strictly assessing the phenomenon of power consumption such as the non-stop of the rolling mill and the idling of the ground roll during the stop rolling period, and cooperating with the energy team in the plant to carry out all inspections on the production site, so as to save electricity to the greatest extent

at the end of May 2013, the whole production line of this shift was red, and the four indicators of rolling medium waste, sizing rate, yield and power consumption were all up to standard, among which the rolling medium waste was reduced to 8, 3 lower than the benchmark, and the salary income of employees was also increased. In order to follow up the success, the medium waste was adjusted to 7 when formulating the index in June. Although there were difficulties, with the encouragement of the monitor, everyone was still fully motivated and ready to fight again

strengthened the heart, and the staff not only divided the work, but also cooperated with each other to complete the daily rolling task. Employees have also developed a working system of daily summary, daily analysis, daily comparison and daily reflection to find out the reasons for problems and deficiencies and constantly improve them. With the joint efforts of the staff, in June 2013, only four employees were abandoned in the shift, which fully exceeded the tasks assigned by the factory

after 7 months of practice and exploration, the class will summarize the benchmarking activities in three steps to control and improve the process. The first step is to collect the necessary data. Collect relevant data and information related to the benchmarking indicators of this class, conduct self-analysis, check the gap between yourself and others, find out where the improvement opportunities are, and screen and exchange information. The second step is to analyze the performance gap data, establish benchmarks, conduct benchmarking exchanges with brother units, learn from advanced experience, learn from each other, and form the concept of "others can do it, we can do it". The third step is to continue benchmarking management activities. When the benchmark is refreshed, a new benchmark should be established

7 months of benchmarking practice, rolling class C has emerged many post stars who are meticulous, diligent, inquisitive and highly skilled. In the evaluation of post stars with limited monthly quota in the factory, this class has been rated as the best unit of cost contribution for four times. In November 2013, 24352 tons of rolled products were produced in operation area C, with a yield of 97.95%, a sizing rate of 98.68%, and 4.5 pieces of rolling medium waste. The annual cumulative output ranked the highest in the whole plant, which once again refreshed the benchmark and became the leader in all indicators of the first-line rod

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