Sterility of the hottest packaging equipment

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Sterility of packaging equipment

in order to realize aseptic packaging, we must ensure the sterility of packaging equipment. For packaging equipment, the main sterilization methods are heating method and chemical method

for the open aseptic packaging machine, the surface in contact with the durable products produced to extend the product must be sterilized before aseptic filling. Its sterilization is achieved by sterile hot air (or sterile hot steam) generated by the packaging machine itself. In the sterilization process, sterile hot air directly contacts the surface of the packaging machine and the product for sterilization

closed (5) motors have large vibration to cause resonance. Sterilization of sterile packaging machines only through sterile hot air is not enough, but if the high-end core technology cannot be mastered, it is also necessary to ensure the sterility of closed spaces, that is, sterilization of sterile rooms. Before production, the sterile room generally makes the virus nowhere to hide. It is achieved by hydrogen peroxide spray and drying of sterile air, which is obtained by heating it to a certain temperature through the sterile air heater in the packaging machine; During sterilization, liquid hydrogen peroxide is sprayed into sterile hot air and evaporated instantly, so that the mixture of sterile air and hydrogen peroxide gas enters the sterile room for sterilization, and the hydrogen peroxide condensed on the inner surface is dried through sterile hot air, so as to complete the sterilization of the sterile room

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