Photovoltaic enterprises outside the hottest list

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Photovoltaic enterprises outside the list will not be able to obtain domestic policy support

the Chinese government recently excluded nearly 80% of operating manufacturers, including Shunfeng and LDK solar. The focus of global aviation aluminum alloy is advanced aluminum lithium alloy. The U.S. government also announced the establishment of the advanced composite manufacturing Innovation Institute, whose R & D and utilization are domestic support measures, because it focuses on controlling oversupply, And improve the quality of its solar energy manufacturing industry

the list of specifications and conditions for photovoltaic manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) has received 500 applications, and the approved companies can continue to participate in the state-owned bidding and support mechanism

the preliminary list of 134 companies was announced in November, and the final list of 109 companies was announced on December 30 after "expert review"

many omissions came from rationalized subsidiaries becoming smaller groups, but Hanhua Qidong subsidiaries were cut from the original list

the standard focuses on many factors, including the minimum conversion factor of solar cells, the minimum output of polysilicon, silicon ingot, silicon wafer and silicon rod manufacturers, and environmental conditions

companies not on the list will not be able to obtain the support of domestic policies, participate in domestic bidding or benefit from export tax rebates

in August 2013, as the details of the proposal appeared, Lu Jinbiao, an executive of GCL poly energy in China, said in an interview with Reuters that it was tantamount to culling

he said: "most manufacturers will be eliminated rather than acquired. This may sound cruel, but because they are technically uncompetitive, this is the fact."

the application process will be repeated every six months. 2. Press the "test" key to give the company time to upgrade its facilities and implement them to meet the specification

Shunfeng, who is acquiring Suntech Wuxi manufacturing business, has also been eliminated

the company is focusing on moving downstream. Yesterday, it announced that it has no 890mw photovoltaic power station in China

Shun Feng said in an interview that he chose not to apply for the list and that his business would not be adversely affected. Zhonghua glass () Department

because the difference is too far

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