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Phoenix Contact takes you to analyze the success password of German industry

after three years of creation, industrial legend explores the root causes of the strength of German industry with the topics of source power, quality wins, innovation opportunities, honing into tools, and how far 4.0 is. Phoenix Contact, as a famous industrial brand from Germany, was honored to be invited to participate in the recording of the film. Taking the 94 year innovation and development process of a family business as an example, with a small glimpse of the big, it tells the secret of the rise of German industry from backward to leading, which is also a microcosm of the development process of German industry

innovation achievements invisible champion

phoenix contact was born in Germany in 1923 and developed the world's first combined terminal in 1928. Modern terminals have been on the stage of world industrial history since then. For nearly a century, phoenix contact has focused on the fields of electronic interfaces, electrical connections and industrial automation, adhered to continuous innovation, and developed a variety of high-quality products with different performances according to different industrial application environments, such as transportation, electric power, metallurgy, communication, industrial control, etc., including more than 60000 products such as connectors, relays, power supplies, surge protection, industrial computers, controllers, functional safety, industrial cloud, etc, To provide devices, systems and solutions to global customers and become the invisible champion in the industry

lean achieves global quality

Phoenix Contact adheres to innovation driven sustainable development, achieves excellent quality with lean, and leads the future with intelligence. Promote lean in R & D, manufacturing, logistics, services, and the overall operation process of the organization, achieve high-quality products and excellent operations, build phoenix contact into a synonym for the highest quality in the industry, create unique value for customers and the industry, and become the most trusted brand for global customers

intelligence leads the future

as an active participant and promoter of industry 4.0, Phoenix Contact integrates global technology into local innovation and is committed to providing relevant products, technologies and solutions for intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, based on its deep understanding of the current situation and future strategy of the manufacturing industry of China and Germany, phoenix contact has built a bridge for China Germany cooperation, built a comprehensive intelligent ecosystem of politics, industry, learning, research and application, and helped make China 2025

the password of legendary enterprises is culture

phoenix contact, which has maintained a long-standing foundation for nearly a century, derived from the unique cultural genes rooted in the organization


phoenix contact has not lent or listed for 94 years, and has always maintained its financial and operational independence. It listens to its inner voice, focuses on its own field, and spares no effort to meet the needs of customers

in Phoenix Contact China, it gives a third meaning of independence. Since taking root in China in 1993, phoenix contact has adhered to the corporate culture of the group company, integrated the excellent traditional culture of China and the wisdom of the Chinese team, combined Chinese and western, 100% local team and 100% local management, has a sense of mission and sense, maintains high innovation and global vision, drives Phoenix Contact China to constantly pursue excellence, and becomes one of the three global competitiveness centers of the group

innovation and creation

in the face of complex and volatile markets, Phoenix Contact responds flexibly, combines global innovation with local innovation according to the needs of customers, and launches thousands of innovative products every year to promote automation, digitalization and intelligence, so as to provide customers with customized and accelerated pace of transformation and upgrading; Customized innovative solutions in the process of project construction. At the same time, promote organizational and business model innovation and comprehensively improve organizational efficiency. Under the new economic normal, Phoenix Contact China has put forward a smart manufacturing concept with quality, innovation, lean and intelligence as the core, emphasizing four combinations, namely, product + specialty, Internet + platform, empowerment + ecology, local partner program + smart strategic promotion alliance, cross-border, integration and cooperation, creating an all-round high-quality value chain, leading the transformation of enterprise intelligence, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and move towards industry 4.0

trusted partners

based on the concept of trusted partners, phoenix contact has established a comprehensive and in-depth trust partnership with customers, employees, investors, communities and other relevant parties to work together for a win-win future

as a family business, phoenix contact has always adhered to the concept of trusting partners to maintain the stable and healthy development of the enterprise, both in the family management stage before and now in the professional manager management stage

Mr. Klaus eisert, the shareholder representative of the enterprise, has served the enterprise for more than 50 years, and his entrepreneurial spirit has been deeply rooted in the bone marrow

the current CEO, Mr. Frank stuehrenberg, a professional professional manager whose resolution is contradictory to bandwidth, has served in Phoenix Contact for more than 30 years, and has long been integrated into Phoenix Contact

Mr. Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact China, has joined the company as one of the entrepreneurial teams since 1993, and has adhered to it for 24 years, being a professional manager with roots and souls, Practice Phoenix Contact China's to customers, employees, investors and society

see the big from the small and use it for reference for Chinese enterprises

of course, phoenix contact is only a small microcosm of the German industrial legend. In this legendary series of stories, there are thousands of enterprises like Phoenix Contact. They adhere to the attention, dedication and innovation of German craftsmen, lead the development of German industry and create a world-renowned industrial story. It is hoped that the sharing of Phoenix Contact will provide reference for the booming Chinese enterprises, and the achievements will directly use its characteristics to casually pull out Chinese invisible champions with many different faces, and create an industrial legend belonging to China

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