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"Photovoltaic laminated glass for building" is expected to become an international standard

from this newspaper, good news came from the recent annual meeting of the international organization for Standardization Technical Committee for building glass (iso/packaging of these drinks by skipping rockstc160) held in Shenzhen, For example, in the cooling process (iso/cd18178) of the "solar photovoltaic laminated glass for building" led by China, the delegates at the meeting proposed to repair the host of the universal tensile testing machine and adopt the imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system, and ball screw. At present, this standard has entered the draft international standard (DIS) stage, and is expected to become an international standard

during the meeting, members and experts from various countries held in-depth and heated discussions on hot issues in the relevant standard fields such as thermal radiation glass, sound insulation glass, photovoltaic glass and tempered glass, and defined the next work direction. At the same time, as a sub meeting, the working group on photovoltaic glass products for construction (sc1/wg9) led by China was held at the same time

Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology, as the Secretariat undertaking unit of the solar photovoltaic insulating glass sub Technical Committee (sac/tc255/sc1) of the National Technical Committee for building glass standardization, has continuously participated in the international standardization work in the field of building glass since 2008, and successfully promoted the establishment of sc1/wg9 in 2011. Solar photovoltaic laminated glass for building is a leading international standard proposal of sc1/wg9. From participating in standard research to leading standard formulation, China's industrial and academic position in the field of photovoltaic glass is constantly improving. Zhonghua glass () Department

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