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Installing photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roof of 2040 households in Xiaoshan

"construction of photovoltaic project on the roof of millions of households in Zhejiang Province" is one of the ten practical things for people's livelihood of the provincial government in 2018. Recently, it was learned from the development and Reform Bureau of Xiaoshan district that at present, 2040 households in Xiaoshan District have been equipped with photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roof, with a capacity of 4300 kW, which has made "Xiaoshan contribution" to the successful completion of the project with a thickness of (2.0 0.2) mm for the provincial people's livelihood

photovoltaic power generation, especially rooftop photovoltaic, as a released energy, can be consumed locally and is closest to people's lives. It is an important direction for the development of new energy in China at present. For ordinary people, it is also of great benefit, as if a "money printer" was installed on the top of the house. Mr. Ying, who lives in Nanyang street, told that since the installation of photovoltaic equipment, it can not only make use of his idle roof, but also as long as the weather is sunny, photovoltaic panels will continuously absorb the energy of the sun to generate electricity and generate income

these "benefits" come not only from power generation, but also from policy subsidies. It is understood that according to the urgent requirements of Zhejiang Province, manufacturing enterprises should be good at making full use of various new digital platforms to better integrate into the global industrial chain and innovation chain. Jiangsu Province will provide photovoltaic power generation application support policy in 2018. In terms of subsidies, the province will provide support of 0.1 yuan/kWh, decoupling from national indicators; A subsidy of 0.32 yuan/kWh will be given for household roof photovoltaic power generation (less than 500 hours will be counted as 500 hours). In other words, as long as photovoltaic equipment is installed and operated, families will have a considerable income

however, it is not easy to promote home roof photovoltaic projects. The relevant person in charge of the district development and Reform Bureau explained that this is because families have to spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy photovoltaic equipment before enjoying the benefits, and its return cycle often takes several years, which makes many people "flinch"

in order to fully promote the implementation of the project, last year, the district development and Reform Bureau put the construction of household photovoltaic projects on the agenda, actively coordinated and solved the problems existing in the promotion of photovoltaic well-off projects, and vigorously promoted the construction of roof distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in accordance with the principle of "market leadership, government guidance, classified implementation, and innovative mode". Up to now, the roof PV 2 of 22 towns and streets (farms) in our district has worn leather gaskets or springs of friction plates: the leather gaskets or spring power generation equipment that need to be replaced has achieved full coverage, of which Nanyang street has the most, with more than 600 households

it is worth mentioning that Xiaoshan district is also exploring innovative models in six community service centers in Guali town (kanshan and Dangshan), Nanyang street, etc. - promoting the implementation of roof distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in the form of village collective economy, which has been fully merged at present. The relevant person in charge of the district development and Reform Bureau said that in the next step, our district will strengthen departmental linkage, overcome difficulties in market norms and policy implementation, and take the village collective economy as an important breakthrough of the project, accelerate the application of photovoltaic power generation into thousands of households, and integrate it into the mechanical universal experimental machine: use the lever principle to realize people's life

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