Photos of the 20th Hong Kong Printing Awards

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The 20th Hong Kong Printing awards ceremony was held (Group pictures)

on December 3, 2008, the 20th Hong Kong Printing awards ceremony was held at Xiangge Hotel, Kowloon. Miss Tan lizhuan, chairman of the Hong Kong printing society and co chairman of the Hong Kong Printing awards, delivered a welcome speech at the ceremony. Mr. Huang Bingpei won the outstanding achievement award

the following are the highlights of this award ceremony:

Introduction to the Hong Kong Printing Awards:

the Hong Kong Printing awards is the largest competition in Hong Kong that comprehensively reflects the east wind, printing technology and design of Hong Kong Publishing to take advantage of this report. It is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Publishing Association, the Hong Kong Printing Association, the Hong Kong Trade Development high-end products import exhibition Council, the leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, It aims to encourage the printing, publishing and related industries in Hong Kong to continue to produce excellent and competitive prints. And hope to link design and printing, that is, to combine art and technology

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