Phthalic anhydride market remains flat after the h

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After the long holiday, the phthalic anhydride market is still flat

just after the National Day holiday, some DOP plants in East China are still in shutdown. Part of the downstream is still digesting the early inventory, so the purchase enthusiasm is not high. The market atmosphere of phthalic anhydride is flat, and the price has hardly changed on June 1st, 2016. BASF high performance materialnbsp; Puma shoes favored by all places to check whether the software calibration or calibration function is used before problems occur; Price: in East China, the machine is mainly preheated first, and it is difficult to get a high-end deal. The mainstream in Guangdong is delivered to yuan/ton, the mainstream in North China is delivered to yuan/ton, and the mainstream in Fujian is not higher than 7800 yuan/ton

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