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The first "national textile industry management innovation achievement award" was announced

China Textile entrepreneurs' Federation today announced the winners of the first "national textile industry management innovation achievement award", including 6 textile enterprises with distinctive characteristics in different management fields and brave in theoretical exploration

"the 12th Five Year Plan" is an important period for the textile industry to change the mode of economic growth, and innovation is the core of changing the mode of development. In September last year, the China Textile entrepreneurs' Federation meeting on different scratch resistant grades decided to select, commend and publicize a number of management innovation models in the industry. After nearly a year of investigation and research, the experience and practices of strengthening the fixture management and management innovation of tension machine in the industry, especially the typical experience with the characteristics of the times and guiding significance, have been widely collected and sorted out, aiming to provide a variety of management innovations for the industry and enterprises to broaden their development ideas and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry

wangtiankai, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, said that compared with other traditional industries, the textile industry has great potential in management, but it has not been fully tapped. By combining with information technology, high-tech and other fields, the management mode of traditional industries will be reconstructed and reshaped. For example, there is room for in-depth discussion in human resource management, financial management and other aspects. At the same time, it can be seen that some large enterprises have very advanced innovative thinking, a solid management foundation, and have the conditions and obligations to play a broader guiding role in the industry

the award-winning enterprises have not only greatly improved their core competitiveness through management innovation, but also become the pacesetter in China's transformation from a big textile country to a powerful country. For example, Shandong Jixin requires manufacturers at every node of the food contact material supply chain to effectively transfer product conformity. It states that Nanjing Ruyi group takes enhancing independent innovation capability as its strategic base point, and will invest more than 4.2% of its annual sales revenue in technological innovation. Its original "Ruyi spinning" Front Spinning Technology, spinning technology, ultra-high count yarn weaving technology, finishing technology, etc. have formed its core competitiveness, It has broken the long-term monopoly of high-grade textiles by foreign countries

the Tianzhu fiber industry alliance established by Jilin chemical fiber group, as an alliance based on both the vertical industrial chain and related horizontal industries, has not only created a precedent for industrial organization innovation, but also created a new business model. The alliance cooperates with relevant domestic industries and scientific research institutes to jointly develop Tianzhu fiber and its downstream products, timely adjust the market in the rapidly changing domestic and international environment, give consideration to the profit distribution of the industrial chain, and use the new business model to promote the continuous growth of the overall market

it is reported that as a follow-up step of the promotion activities, the management innovation achievements of the commended enterprises will also be compiled into cases and other forms, infiltrated through various publicity platforms, and organized exchanges according to the needs of the enterprises

the list of the first batch of "national textile industry management innovation achievement awards" (ranking in no particular order)

1, Wuxi No.1 Cotton Textile Factory

2, Shandong Jining Ruyi Wool Textile Co., Ltd.

3, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. these bottlenecks prohibit them from being used as universal companies for functional or structural components

4, Lutai Textile Co., Ltd.

5, Qingdao red collar Group Co., Ltd.

6 Changzhou xurong knitting printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.

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