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The first National Petroleum Equipment Quality Inspection Center landed in Dongying

the first National Petroleum Equipment Quality Inspection Center landed in Dongying

August 12, 2013

[China paint information] the national petroleum equipment product quality supervision and inspection center can not only meet the testing needs of enterprises, its top experts can also provide technical and R & D guidance at any time. In addition to the advanced equipment, it can become an enterprise's R & D platform

august 10, 40 technicians of Shandong Kerui holding group happily entered the national petroleum equipment product quality supervision and inspection center in Dongying City. They will receive three-day API (American Petroleum Institute) certification training here. After passing the examination, they will receive the "API internal auditor training certificate" issued by API. With this certificate, their internal audit work will be recognized by the international market, and the enterprise's petroleum equipment products can smoothly enter the international market. More than 120 technicians from more than 80 petroleum equipment enterprises in Dongying and other regions of the country participated in the training together

liuenshan, head of the quality, safety and environmental protection department of Shandong Kerui holding group, told the economic herald that before the establishment of the national petroleum equipment product quality supervision and inspection center, they need to attend the API internal auditor training in Shanghai, which is not only expensive, but also has a series of problems such as long journey and high accommodation costs. Compared with the training in Shanghai, this training will save at least 2000 yuan per person. For this item alone, the enterprise can save more than 80000 yuan

in fact, API internal auditor training is only one of the projects that the center serves Shandong Petroleum equipment enterprises. The establishment of the center is of great significance to strengthen and expand the petroleum equipment industry cluster in Shandong Province. Songzhilong, director of Dongying product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, said that the center can not only meet the needs of enterprise product testing, enhance communication and exchange in the industry, and promote the upgrading of enterprise technology, but also more importantly, the top professionals working in the center and invited by the center can easily provide technology and product R & D guidance to enterprises at any time, and the center has advanced equipment, It can be a research and development platform for enterprises

the "National Center" is expected to pass the acceptance at the end of the year.

according to Shi Dongyi, deputy Institute of Dongying product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, Shandong is a developed region of China's petroleum equipment industry cluster, but product testing and high-end technical services have always been the bottleneck restricting its rapid development

before 2012, many Dongying petroleum equipment enterprises had to go to Gansu, Xi'an, Wuhan and other places to carry out third-party testing on their products. Not only did they have a long way to go, the testing cycle was long, and the testing cost was high, but also they often needed to queue up for testing, which affected the product sales progress. More importantly, once there is an abnormal situation in the detection, the enterprise headquarters cannot communicate with the detection institutions thousands of miles away in a timely and effective manner, analyze and find out the causes, resulting in large losses

in order to promote the further rapid development of Shandong Petroleum Equipment Industry and seize the commanding height of domestic testing and technology, in 2011, Dongying District government and Dongying Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision jointly invested in the construction of the "national petroleum equipment product quality supervision and inspection center". The center is located in Shengli Economic Development Zone, Dongying City. The Dongying District government has allocated 81 mu of land free of charge, with a construction area of 25000 square meters, and a total investment of 192million yuan (excluding land), including equipment investment of more than 100million yuan. The project is one of the key projects for Dongying quality supervision system to practice the "yellow blue" strategic deployment and promote the construction of the international exchange center of the petroleum equipment industry base

the center is not only the first comprehensive inspection and testing institution for petroleum equipment products in China, but also a domestic leading and international advanced public inspection service platform for specialized scientific research of petroleum equipment. The inspection scope covers more than 85% of petroleum equipment products

according to shidongyi, since this year, the center has undertaken the provincial pumping task assigned by Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, and the entrusted testing of PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec and other enterprises. The application for the National Center has been completed, and it is estimated that it will pass the acceptance of the AQSIQ by the end of this year. At that time, the center will become the most advanced, largest and most comprehensive petroleum equipment product quality inspection center in China, and undertake the tasks of national and provincial pumping

the output value of Dongying petroleum equipment bucked the trend of growth

contrary to the general downturn in the domestic manufacturing industry, relying on the national petroleum equipment product quality inspection center, Dongying petroleum equipment enterprises achieved a bucking trend of growth, and the turnover growth rate of many enterprises in the first half of this year was more than 50%

Dongying Hesen Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of high-end fluid sealing technology. Zhaodong, general manager of the company, proudly told the guide that in the first half of this year, the company's revenue doubled compared with the same period last year. At present, the company has become a first-class network supplier of Sinopec and PetroChina, and its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries

talking about the secret of development, Zhaodong said that the development of the company depends on two things: advanced technology and good service. The biggest bottleneck restricting the development of the company is the lack of production capacity. In the development of the company, Dongying product quality supervision and Inspection Institute and national petroleum equipment product quality inspection center have provided good service and technical support to the enterprise

Shandong Kerui holding group is the largest oil equipment enterprise in Dongying City. Its core products are pumping units and nitrogen generators. At present, the company can produce pumping units and drilling equipment suitable for 9000 meters underground. According to Liu enshan, the company's products are mainly exported, and have now spread to Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Africa and other countries and regions. Last year, the group's total output value was 7billion yuan, and this year's planned output value was 10billion yuan. By the end of June, the group's major business divisions had achieved the strategic deployment of more than half the time and more than half the task

liuenshan said that after the establishment of the national petroleum equipment product quality inspection center, many of the company's technical research is no longer the traditional sculpture hair, and product testing can be carried out at home, which is very convenient. The company's technical research and development level is expected to be greatly improved

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