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Doctor of artificial intelligence in drama is the first recruit of Chinese drama. The school is "still exploring and trying"

Chinese drama? Drama AI? It sounds quite advanced

Chinese opera? Drama AI? It sounds quite advanced. "The college first recruited doctoral students in drama AI in 2020. In order to scientifically recruit and select interdisciplinary top-notch innovative talents with excellent scientific research ability and good development potential, this brochure is hereby formulated." recently, the Central Academy of drama officially released the enrollment brochure for doctoral students in drama AI in 2020. This is the first time that Chinese drama has enrolled doctoral students in drama artificial intelligence. At present, the school system of this direction has been determined to be 4 years, and two students will be enrolled in 2020. The way of joint training by tutor group is adopted

first enrollment: the length of schooling is 4 years, and 2 students are enrolled.

recently, the news that "Chinese drama will enroll doctoral students in drama artificial intelligence for the first time" has aroused widespread concern, and friends feel quite strange: is this to study how to use artificial intelligence or introduce artificial intelligence into the film and television performance industry? Through the recruitment brochures of the Chinese drama officer, we learned that "drama artificial intelligence" is a specific professional direction, with a 4-year schooling, full-time, and 2 students

it is reported that the doctoral students in this direction will be jointly cultivated by the tutor group. The four tutors in the first tutor team are quite valuable:

Hao Rong, President, deputy secretary of the Party committee, professor and doctoral tutor of the Central Academy of drama; Dinggangyi, (,) secretary of the Party committee of the school of computer science, researcher and doctoral supervisor, vice president of the China Computer Simulation Association, director of the Beijing Key Laboratory of digital performance and simulation technology, and principal of the "digital performance and creativity" discipline in Beijing universities; Sun Da, "said Qing, an executive of the company, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and assistant to the president of the Central Academy of drama, President and chief editor of the Journal of drama, professor and doctoral supervisor; Songzhen, executive director, professor and doctoral supervisor of the center for digital and sophisticated research on traditional drama of the Central Academy of drama. The first batch of candidates of the outstanding young scientists program of Beijing universities and the "new century excellent talents support program" of the Ministry of education

there are still many requirements for candidates to apply for this doctor: Science and engineering candidates who are interested in the subject of "drama and film and television" will give priority to candidates with a strong interdisciplinary background or interdisciplinary ability of fatigue experiments widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons and equipment, ships and automobiles; Have a strong sense of innovation and scientific research ability, and must provide representative works (including papers, software, game development, publications, etc.) or original work achievements that can reflect their own academic level, scientific research ability and practical ability, A qualification evaluation team will be set up by the traditional drama digital high-end research center to conduct centralized evaluation on the qualifications of Chinese drama according to the application materials submitted by the applicants. Next, the research center will set up a reexamination assessment team to comprehensively assess the applicants who have passed the qualification review. If the candidates who intend to apply for the exam want to get some suggestions for preparing for the exam, the seven books in the "recommended reading list" given by the Chinese drama department can also roughly see the research direction or emphasis of the major. In addition, tanpeisheng's drama; Zhongchengxiang, talking about drama outside the gate: on Chinese opera in the 21st century; Dinggangyi et al. Digital media technology; Introduction to artificial intelligence edited by Lideyi; Lideyi and Du zhe: uncertain artificial intelligence (2nd Edition); (U.S.) Stuart Russell and Peter novig: Artificial Intelligence: a modern method (3rd Edition g, LB); (US) Ian Goodfellow, (Canada) Joshua bengio, (Canada) Aaron Cuvier: deep learning

contacted chenyujing of the Publicity Department of the Central Academy of drama. Chen Yujing frankly said that after the recent announcement of the enrollment guidelines, he has received "everyone's concern and attention". However, she also said that it is not convenient for the professors and tutors of the college to express too many opinions on the subject setting and research direction because they are currently in the enrollment period. She said that "this major has just started enrollment this year, and is still in the exploratory and experimental stage". If you want to apply for this major, the college also hopes that the candidates can inquire and understand the enrollment brochures in detail

future trend:

artificial intelligence has infinite potential in the field of performance.

in recent years, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly. It is no longer the high cold knowledge of the minority, but the social hot spot and focus. It often creates explosive topics, and has been everywhere in our life. Previously thought to be the only intelligent black technology in sci-fi blockbusters, it has become our daily life. Does it mean that the research and application of artificial intelligence in the field of film and television production and stage performance have also entered the popularization stage

interviewed huangguixiang, the producer of the artificial intelligence documentary series "exploring artificial intelligence 2", which was recently broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV. She was a member of the core team from the beginning of the program's creativity to the end of the two seasons' hot broadcast. She lamented that she had witnessed the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the past few years, "It was Yang Lan, the host of the program, who first came up with the idea of making a series of artificial intelligence films and proposed to officially start making such a program. At that time, in the second half of 2015, many people did not have much intuitive feelings about artificial intelligence, but then, in 2016, the man-machine war between Li Shishi and Alfa dog brought artificial intelligence to the stage. In 2017, exploring artificial intelligence The first season came into being, opening the door to public curiosity about artificial intelligence. However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence has exceeded everyone's expectations. For example, many artificial intelligence, which was still in the category of top laboratory black technology during the interview in the first quarter, has been put into use when it was broadcast in 2017. Changes in the field of artificial intelligence came so fast that we began to prepare for the second season without stopping. The second quarter of 2019 focuses on the latest achievements and application scenarios of artificial intelligence at home and abroad. About the impact and changes of artificial intelligence on daily life, education, health care, employment, travel and other aspects, the programs are shown to the public through interesting scenarios and professional theories. In the two seasons of the program, we can clearly feel the rapid development of technology, the wide penetration of life and the rise of China's artificial intelligence technology

Huang Guixiang laments that artificial intelligence is also an industrial trend in film and television production and stage performance, and talent is also in urgent need, "For example, when we were making two seasons of programs, we also wanted to apply artificial intelligence to program production. For example, we wanted to design Yang Lan's simulated virtual image, including Yang Lan's voice dubbing and other intellectualization, but we didn't get into operation as soon as possible because of the cycle, funds, manpower and other reasons. Therefore, the doctoral students of artificial intelligence in Chinese drama are not very clear about what they are studying, but there are very few talents in this direction No, it's a good start. Next, whether it is virtual characters, simulated characters, stage design, data images, including post editing, film and television production... The application potential of artificial intelligence is infinite "

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