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On the evening of August 10, the Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 45 of 2011, deciding to take temporary anti-dumping measures against imported photographic paper products originating in the European Union, the United States and Japan

from August 10, 2011, when importing photographic paper products, import operators must determine the dumping margin according to the preliminary determination and provide the corresponding margin to the Chinese customs, with the margin ratio ranging from 17.6% to 28.8%

the announcement said that after the investigation of the Ministry of Commerce, imported photo paper products originating in the European Union, the United States and Japan were dumped and caused substantial damage to China's domestic industry. Therefore, according to the relevant provisions of the anti dumping regulations of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of Commerce decided to implement temporary anti-dumping measures in the form of deposit for the above-mentioned products

“ The paper industry has always been the hardest hit area of international trade frictions& rdquo; Zhao Wei, Secretary General of China Paper Association, told reporters that the total trade volume of various products of China's paper industry exceeded US $10billion

on November 8, 2010, the investigating authority received an anti-dumping investigation application submitted by Lucky Film Co., Ltd. on behalf of the domestic photo paper industry. The applicant requested an anti-dumping investigation on imported photo paper products originating in the European Union, the United States and Japan. The Ministry of commerce then filed an anti-dumping investigation on the above-mentioned products

according to the evidence of the investigating authority, the number of imported photographic paper of several surveyed enterprises has generally shown an increasing trend, accounting for more than 99% of China's total imports. From January to June 2010, its share in the domestic market increased by 62.28% compared with 2007

the most obvious is that in 2008, the import price of the surveyed products decreased by 11.57% over the previous year, and the corresponding consumption in the Chinese market increased by 1054.83%, accounting for 53.53 percentage points of the domestic market share

under the double pressure of sharp decline in the price of imported photographic paper and sharp rise in the quantity, the sales price of domestic similar products fell by 4.79% and the market share fell by 53.53% in the same period

the head of the domestic trade department of Henan Yaowei Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters: “ The price of imported photo paper is very low. The cost price of our company's photo paper per square meter is between 7 yuan and 8 yuan, and foreign similar photo paper can be made even more than 4 yuan& rdquo;

the investigating authority also found that in 2009 and January June 2010, although the import price of imported photographic paper increased slightly, it was still lower than the level in 2007, further squeezing the domestic industrial market share. Domestic industries are forced to continue to lower prices, and it is still difficult to change the situation that market share is occupied

after calculation, the dumping margins of each company are as follows: Kodak Co., Ltd. (UK) from the EU is 26.8%, Fujifilm manufacturing (Europe) Co., Ltd. is 17.6%, and other EU companies are 26.8%; 18.2% from Fujifilm manufacturing (USA) Co., Ltd., an American company, and 28.8% from other American companies; 28.8% for Japanese companies

the investigating authority believes that the products of the above surveyed companies have always accounted for more than 99% of China's total imports, far exceeding the negligible proportion of 3%. Therefore, the investigated products have a direct impact on the sales price of similar domestic products

photo paper is mainly used for developing and expanding photos. It is also widely used in the fields of art, advertising, publicity, license management, criminal investigation, aerospace and national defense. During the survey period, the imports of surveyed products from the European Union, the United States and Japan accounted for nearly 100% of China's total imports

the investigating authority found that a large number of low-cost imports of dumped imports originating in the European Union, the United States and Japan have caused substantial damage to the domestic industry, and there is the possibility of further exporting the investigated products to China at low prices

“ About 70% of our business has been impacted, and it is helpful for the domestic industry to introduce temporary anti-dumping measures& rdquo; The above person told reporters. It is reported that most imported photographic papers are “ Garbled paper ”, The specifications are different, but the price is low

after the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the United States, the international trade environment may worsen, and countries further regard the external demand market as a key condition for the implementation of domestic policies such as employment. The industry is worried that trade protectionism from Europe and the United States may further rise

the European Commission submitted a notice to China on August 1 that it would continue to impose a punitive tariff of 48.5% on Chinese bicycles; At the same time, from mid September, the European Union will impose a five-year punitive tariff on ceramic tiles imported from China, with a maximum tax rate of 69.7%

in addition, the European Commission is also conducting an anti-dumping investigation on glass fiber products imported from China. Once the investigation results are established, the EU will impose temporary tariffs on the above-mentioned products by the end of March 2012, and may impose formal tariffs for a period of five years by the end of September




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