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There are various kinds of bedroom beds. The common bedroom beds in the market include solid wood beds, leather beds, cloth beds, etc. among them, solid wood beds are favored by many consumers. So what kind of wood is good for solid wood beds? What is the price of a double solid wood bed? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the price of double solid wood bed and what kind of wood it uses

I. price of double solid wood bed

looking for carpenter solid wood bed, ash wood double bed 1800mm*2000mm leather bag, the price is about 3700 yuan

the price of Lin's solid wood double bed oak 1.8m solid wood bed + bedside table is about 2600 yuan

Shidu elm solid wood double bed high box storage bed 1.8m, the price is about 14100

huaimu double solid wood bed. The price of white oak is about 5250 yuan

a-style solid wood double bed pine bed + bedside table *2 21500mm*2000m, the price is about 2600 yuan

sandalwood star solid wood double bed, pine wood mattress 1800mm*2000mm, storage double suction, the price is about 1300 yuan

the price of bright furniture Fraxinus mandshurica 1.8m double bed high box bed + two cabinets is about 9800 yuan

count Lafite solid wood bed ash wood double bed 1.8 meters, the price is about 2000 yuan

the above prices are from the Internet and are for reference only

second, what kind of wood is good for solid wood beds

1. Oak

oak is often used to make high-end furniture, which is mainly produced in Russia, the United States and other regions. The wood of oak is hard, and the texture is natural and clear. Its processing and decoration performance is good. The furniture made is very solid and durable, with good wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and other properties. Its quality and appearance can be compared with that of mahogany furniture. However, most of the high-quality oaks are imported, and their prices are relatively expensive. Moreover, if the production process is not good, it is easy to crack and deform

2. Pine

pine furniture has natural color and beautiful texture. The furniture made of pine has a simple and elegant shape and is rarely carved. Pine wood is tough, durable, and has good elasticity and breathability. The fragrance of high-quality pine wood is also conducive to our health. Although the price of pine furniture is relatively affordable, its wood is too soft to be used as load-bearing furniture, which is prone to cracking

3. Beech

beech furniture belongs to medium and high-grade furniture. Its material is fine, hard, and beautiful in color and grain. It has considerable artistic value. It is easy to bend under steam and not easy to deform when dry. The furniture made of it is durable and has good load-bearing performance, compression resistance, wear resistance, etc. However, the color of beech furniture is not uniform, and it is easy to deform and crack during processing

Xiaobian summary: about the price of double solid wood bed and what kind of wood it uses, Xiaobian will introduce it here. Solid wood beds of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you choose it, you can choose it according to your own economic and other actual conditions





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