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Kimberly Clark and Sun Yue performed the "May Day" Shenghui

love inheritance. Looking ahead, Kimberly Clark and Sun Yue performed the "May Day" Shenghui. From April 13 to May 6, a large-scale activity of Kimberly Clark's may "public service dedication of love" integrating morality, taste and quality was unveiled across the country! The development foundation of the enterprise in the past 15 years has laid the foundation for today's magnificent and in full swing Kimberley. Corporate social responsibility, including attention to social welfare, philanthropy and other aspects, is an important embodiment of corporate morality. Over the years, Kimberley has adhered to the construction and improvement of the "love student foundation", and successfully promoted this righteous act to all regions of the country. With the continuous maturity and development of the "Kimberly's love student fund", our interpretation of love is not limited to the donation of money. It is the most primitive form of love to immediately send what the other party needs most at present. Love is the most simple. This is the simplest spirit of Kimberley. We are happy to serve the broad masses of the people and the groups most in need of help. Kimberley is the overall home navigator at the forefront of the public welfare society. In the "public welfare contribution of love" activity jointly launched by "May Day Shenghui" and famous singer Sun Yue, Kimberley once again stated that: for customers with a one-time consumption of more than 10000 yuan during the activity, Kimberley will subsidize a poor out of school child in the name of the customer; A certificate of "love for public welfare" will be issued to customers as a souvenir and thanks. The whole process of the activity will be supervised and implemented by the "Xiamen women's Federation"! We hope to pour this love into the hearts of every poor out of school children and rekindle our hopes for life and the future. We hope to see their innocent faces always with bright smiles. Kimberley hopes to pass on this love through more caring public welfare activities, and calls on competent people from all walks of life to act together, so that the rich know the poor and the poor get help, so as to form a good atmosphere for the whole people to help students, and truly send warmth to poor families. Brand light sword, experienced life jinbaolai "May Day" light sword, as for this sword to be polished, held stably, and cut profitably, it all depends on the accumulation and precipitation of jinbaolai brand for more than ten years. Kimberley firmly seized the opportunity of the cabinet market. As a leading enterprise in the cabinet industry, Kimberley launched a heavy attack on May Day with a large lineup. It launched a series of activities for the golden week of May 1 sales in 2012, and thanked new and old customers for their strong support for Kimberley. It is the so-called "the edge of the sword comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum flowers comes from bitter cold". How did Kimberley forge this sword? Since 1997, Kimberly's pursuit of taste, adherence to quality and admiration for morality have been precipitated in the beliefs of every customer. Morality is the most basic standard that a brand should follow; Taste is the display of brand personality; Quality is the life of a brand, and Kimberley tried to follow these "three products" from beginning to end to achieve the ultimate in morality, taste and quality. May 2012 is destined to be a glorious and prosperous January, and may is the most dynamic day. The season of spring tide is surging, just like the arrival of heavy rain after thunder, just like the fruitful harvest after Kimberly's wind and rain; In May, the wilderness in early spring has been full of noise. Before this season comes, Kimberly Clark is unstoppable. Join hands with Sun Yue to perform the "May Day" Shenghui! Herbalife sincerely invites you to come and hang a more colorful rainbow for our enterprise. How to make this Shenghui better, more beautiful and more popular? Kimberley always insists that morality is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, lives for quality and lives for brand! Morality is the most important aspect, because it is a crucial link to transform industry brands into consumer brands. Taste is the embodiment of an enterprise's personality, which is related to the design and the style of the product itself. We employ senior Italian designers with a lot of money and follow the style of barrack, which makes Kimberly's product design style quite tasteful. An enterprise has the embodiment of personality, then its life center is more important, and the core of Kimberley's life is quality. Kimberley is committed to the needs of high-end people who customize furniture, and makes the overall customized home into the concept of culture, so as to enhance the development and operation of the enterprise. Attract and make efforts in the whole process, and strive to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. We have always insisted on brand building, always advocated quality strategy, and always maintained and extended morality. Brand is an intangible asset. Brand is the collection and crystallization of popularity. With popularity, it has cohesion and diffusion, and becomes the driving force of development. With power, the brand development of enterprises is like the cell of urban economy, which is rapid and fast. Brand development is also the driving force to drive the urban economy. Drive the urban economy to achieve the whole process of attraction. Kimberly's own charm has attracted the favor of new and old customers with a large lineup. In order to better feed back to new and old customers, Kimberly's large-scale promotion activity of "may love's public welfare dedication" has been active on the overall home stage with the greatest publicity and preferential power. As the leader of overall customized home furnishing, Kimberley gallops in the vast sea of overall home furnishing, creating a newer stage with its own charm, integrating more professional and exquisite unique taste, standing proudly in the center of the stage. Warm May, looking forward to your arrival! For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Kimberly's overall home furnishing, the top ten brands of cabinets: http://www.xmjbl.cc/





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