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Since ancient times, China's development has been inseparable from the word "Ju". For the wardrobe industry, just like China's "Ju" spirit, the marketing of the wardrobe is also constantly focusing on the effect and corresponding influence, and the industry will also undergo great changes. The concentration and combination of the market is also one of the priorities of the enterprise in the future. Wardrobe marketing should be based on a clear development policy, and the overall wardrobe brand should rank Deville

the population is concentrated in large and medium-sized cities

the total population of China is increasing, but the increase is mainly the elderly population. The so-called young and middle-aged population is actually declining. Because of the need of employment, the young and middle-aged population will complete a process of gradually converging to large and medium-sized cities, that is, the so-called urbanization process. Compared with the previous migrant workers working in cities, the next wave of urbanization is the citizenization of these migrant workers, which will lead to major changes in the market

China's rural areas are declining and will continue to decline further. It is an inevitable phenomenon in the industrialization process of all countries that the population is increasingly concentrated in large and medium-sized cities. In the future, China will gradually transition to the post industrial era. Due to the huge pressure of life, more people will have to work in large and medium-sized cities

in view of this, the competition for China's wardrobe market will mainly occur in large and medium-sized cities. Losing the battle for the city means being expelled from the market. In the future, the so-called brand strategy of "surrounding cities by rural areas" should no longer appear. In the past, the phenomenon of Sichuan brands rising from rural areas and creating a new situation will become a resounding phenomenon

population aggregation will also make it easier for brands, information, funds and talents to gather because of the large-scale construction of high-speed rail and rail transit. Large and medium-sized cities across the country will become more and more similar, brand attack will become easier, people's aesthetic differentiation will become smaller and smaller, and the concentration of wardrobe brands is believed to be higher and higher

the sales concept of the whole house system is popular

and in terms of product sales, the whole house sales concept is popular. Furniture sellers combine with flooring sellers. Those who sell cabinets sell wardrobes, those who sell wardrobes sell wardrobes, those who sell furniture sell ornaments, and home designers sell furniture and ornaments. In short, letting customers buy all household products in one store has become a popular and cutting-edge furniture sales concept

even in theory, this seems very strange, quite unreliable, and violates the principle of professional division of labor in the market, but more and more lazy consumers are so willful, and the richer consumers are more willful. Therefore, this seemingly unreasonable phenomenon has become the most reasonable market phenomenon that can generate sales profits. Following the market is the eternal law of businessmen. The whole house sales concept actually has its strong market logic, which is expected to continue to play a role in the future

the core of whole house sales is actually the centralized sales of household products. Online and offline aggregated sales are inevitable. Online and offline aggregated sales are a tide. Pure online brands are opening stores offline, and offline enterprises are also exploring the online market. The online and offline aggregated sales path is becoming clearer and clearer

in the future market, a powerful wardrobe enterprise can neither be a pure offline enterprise nor a pure online enterprise. No large and medium-sized wardrobe enterprise can survive without practicing the hard work of online and offline aggregation sales

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